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  1. Hi Krysten,

    I have no genetic predisposition to anything that doesn't generally affect most as we age so your RWS post was read and taken as a "suck it up princess" kick in the butt.

    I love running, it is my stress reliever; however an IT and foot issue have played havoc the last 8 months. Life is a matter of perspective and clearly mine has been fogged so "thank you" for the reality check.


    1. Hey Stephanie!

      I hope message isn't as harsh as all that :). I am obviously a unique case with a unique set of circumstances - so my hope is that people see that those circumstances don't have to define you or limit you.

      I think with proper training and nutrition your body can accomplish amazing things. But the key is always proper training - so make sure you treat those IT band and foot issues seriously and consult a doctor. And even if running isn't something that works for you there are lots of alternative sports and possibilities to ensure you lead a heathy happy life! Stay in touch and feel free to email anytime!

  2. First of all, hats of to you!
    I'm sure not all that are more or less in your shoes are as couragous..

    Do you meditate? Are you aware of the huge benefits of that? .. and again, not easy (sorry!)..

    I'm just trying to get myself motivated (again!) to go for a walk or a run.. diagnosed with Aspergers (not so good with change, less when motivation comes from within; than I struggle to adapt to a new structure, blah!)
    But like you, I'll get there.. took me 2yrs to finally learn to enjoy the gym & do bodypump or fitness with a friend.. that she had her second kid, and with that we could start over :-/
    So, Thru that I know I gotta uphold it, by myself, so not to fall of.. or get up a.s.a.p!

    Love, DutchGirl

  3. Hi Krysten, I nominated you for the Reality Blog Award and I’d love for you to accept this award on my behalf.

    Should you choose to accept, there are a few guidelines that go along with it, you can read more about it here if you’d like:

    Thank you for inspiring me xo Maria

  4. I love your new blog's new look! You're just gorgeous in your pics too :) If you need a 'rock star' to interview, I don't mind ;) Have a great week! ~Caitlyn

  5. Hi Krysten!

    Just wanted to say hi! loving the blog and hope you're doing well! good luck this week. all the best, Adam, Leeat and the boys.

  6. Ok...that's it..ive read everything and im forcing us to be friends! :-) Im very convincing!!! Hey, I got Christina to come visit!!! You are SOOOOO inspirational...and make my T1D seem so tiny...but we both know it not about those things... It's about who we are and how we choose to define ourselves... Id love to meet you/run with you/etc... My husband is me...we should chat! xoxo from Trinidad

    1. You are too cute girlie!!! I will definitely email you this week! You are rocking your T1D diagnosis. I know it is not easy!! HUGS!!!

  7. Hi Krysten, just nominated you for a Liebster Award! You have a VERY inspiring blog!

  8. Hi Krysten,

    So, I just wrote a super long comment that somehow got deleted when I hit "preview", but the jist of it was that I came across your Instagram profile yesterday and I knew that I would enjoy following and drawing inspiration from. I truly believe that people are as happy as they choose to be and I love that you embody this principle. I look forward to continuing to following your journey!

    Sarah aka @sarahchampjones