Sunday, 10 January 2016

Hashimoto's Treatment Update

I mentioned before Christmas that I was going in for a second round of blood work to see how my thyroid was responding to my Hashimoto's Treatment Plan.

My Thyroid levels have improved and are now well within normal range. (*HURRAY!*)

This wasn't that surprising to me because I had noticed several changes since starting my treatment. The two biggest being my energy levels and my hair (of all things).

1. My energy 
It wasn't that my energy was really holding me back before. Or that I am all of sudden doing so much more. But now I just feel better doing it. 

I used to really struggle in the mornings. I needed multiple cups of coffee to get going. And even with all my coffee I still felt foggy throughout the day. Now I wake up and I feel rested. And even after a long day - work, exercise, family commitments - I feel good. Those days would have left me feeling completely wiped out in the past. So for me, this change has been huge! 

2. My hair
I have long referred to my hair as duck fluff - it would break really easily. Not really a big deal, I just kinda figured I wasn't destined to have the luscious locks highlighted in the Panteen commercials. And I just assumed part of the problem was that I wore my hair up so often. But now, all of sudden my hair is much thicker and healthier.

This change was unexpected but I have definitely noticed a difference. (*Mostly that I don't have to spend 30 min wiping down the bathroom every time I wash my hair!*) 

The one area with my blood work that we were not super impressed with - were my Antibodies. These are the cause of my Hashimoto's, and I was hoping to see those decrease by going gluten-free. So far there has been no change to these levels. Which means we are treating the Hashimoto's with the thyroid replacement, but I have not really made strides to get to the root of issue.

It is possible that these are just slow to respond and will decrease if given more time. Or it could be that there is more I need to do from a diet/supplement perspective to change this. Or it could also mean that going gluten-free is doing a whole lot of nothing. 

We have decided to hold off on making any changes for the time being. And retest in another month to see what my antibodies are doing.

We also discussed my diet for my upcoming vacation to London and Paris. Since it is debatable that avoid gluten is doing much of anything, and I am going to the land of delicious French bread, my naturopath and I have agreed that I will go away and not stress about my diet.

I purchased a digestive Gluten-Enzyme to ensure I don't feel sick after avoiding gluten for the past few months. But otherwise, the plan is to enjoy my vacation. And discuss more options once I return.

Which sounds pretty good to me! Since we have delicious patisseries on our itinerary!

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,