Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Meal Planning + Weekly Workouts + Celebrating

Well, as per usual I am late sharing my weekly meal plan and workout post.

I wanted to get my Mizuno Breath Thermo Giveaway posted first thing. And then admittedly, I had every intention of writing this post yesterday, because the husband was away for the night with work. But instead I opted to wrap Christmas presents, hike with Clark, and then watch some documentaries on Netflix.

I watched several episodes of Frontline. And then settled in with E-Team - which is about a group who investigate crimes against humanity - and excellent if you are interested in global politics. I had every intention of watching something dreadfully girlie, but couldn't really find anything.

**Any Must-Watch girlie TV shows I should put on my Netflix list?**

Needless to say my laziness felt good. And after a weekend with family and friends, I find myself feeling much more relaxed than I have been for the past few months.

This week's menu is not exactly what "health and wellness" blogs are made of... This week was all about celebrating, and when I celebrate I often celebrate with food. Nothing quite like laughing with friends over a good meal and enjoying some dessert too boot!

I had dessert 4 nights in a row . And my Gluten-Free Carrot Cake was a dream. Plus Candy Cane Ice Cream is basically a holiday MUST.

It was all delicious, but my stomach was not super pleased with all my indulging. I had way more dairy than I have had in a couple of months. And I definitely required acupuncture in my left arm on Tuesday for a flare-up in inflammation - likely from all the sugar. It was worth it, but the side effects were a good reminder why I can't do that all the time.

This week's dinners included...
Monday - Gluten-Free/ Dairy-Free Veggie Pizza
Tuesday - Chicken Salad
Wednesday - Gluten-Free/Dairy-Free Tuna Casserole
Thursday - Whole Foods Buffet - Madras Chicken, Coconut Rice, and Eggplant
Friday - Chicken and Squash Risotto
Saturday - Squash Soup, Chicken, Green Beans, and Rice (I also ate way more than my fair share of the jalapeƱo cheese bake with gluten-free crackers pre-dinner)
Sunday - Ham, Salad, and Potatoes

My gosh, that is an awful lot of chicken this week. I really need to switch up my proteins this week.

And this week's workouts continue to center around yoga and gentle exercise. With a little bit of laziness thrown in for good measure. I opted to not workout this weekend and just relax instead. But based on how I feel today, I would say it was the right choice.

Monday - 30min Yoga + 60min Spin at 3Sports
Tuesday - 40min Yoga
Wednesday - 5km Run
Thursday - 60min Yin Yoga
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - Rest

I hope you are all having a great week!
Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,