Friday, 4 December 2015

A Day In The Life - On The Road

I wrote "A Day in the Life" post a couple months ago, and you all seemed to dig it. So I decided to write another one, sharing what life looks like for me when I am on the road. This was Wednesday for me this week. I tend to be a little all over the place with work, so this is what life looks like when I am out and about.

6:15am - Wake Up
I had a presentation downtown Toronto today and although google maps says it is only 38min away - I know better. Rush Hour traffic means I need to leave about 2 hours to get to my meeting. So I was up early to get my things together, post my Wednesday Blog Post, and spend some time on social media while curling my hair. (*yes, I like to multi-task*).
7:00am - Out the Door
I hate being late or even remotely strapped for time with anything work-related, so I like to be everywhere with 30 minutes to spare. The Panda-Eyes in the above photo illustrate my lack of coffee at this point. I grabbed a protein shake, dropped Jamie off at work, and then hit the highway to slowly crawled into the city.

9:00am - Parked Car and Grabbed a Coffee
Exactly 2 hours later I parked my car. I was visiting a boutique gym that was new to me, so I needed some extra time to find the location. My presentation was at 10am so I grabbed some coffee next door and spent that extra hour getting caught up on my emails.

10:00am - Presentation
I met with a group of personal trainers to discuss how to utilize wearable tech to enhance the services they provide. They asked me to come back following my presentation to present to a wider group of trainers - so I guess it went well!
11:15am - Back in the car
I had a meeting with a Polar Athlete (*Hi Taylor*) up in Caledon to discuss his plans for 2016 and our Ambassador Program, so I had to run back to the car and get on the road again ASAP.

12:00pm - Gabe's Bake Shoppe and Coffee with Taylor
Taylor and I chatted about his season and plan for 2016. He had suggested we meet at Gabe's and as a newly gluten-free gal it was sort of tortuous! It is filled with homemade pasta and shelves of baked goods. I obviously couldn't have any, but it felt almost sacra-religious that I should leave with only a coffee. So purchased a couple buttertarts and cannolis  for my husband - someone should get to eat these!

1:30pm - Back on the Road (again)
At this point I am starving. And because I worked late the night before I did a terrible job of packing gluten-free protein-focused snacks. I did have a Vega One Bar and some Trail Mix in my glove box for just such emergencies, so I used that to tide me over until I made it home.

2:30pm - Home
I have been in the car for a total of 4 hrs already today. Which means that my Polar V800 has said this more times than I would like...

I made myself a quick Chicken Salad (the chicken was from dinner the night before so not a lot of prep was required) and spent another hour and half finishing some paper work I needed to get done.

4:15pm - Walk with Clark
Clark was getting a little impatient about his dinner by this time. And I was getting sick of sitting. So I closed up my computer and headed to our local park for a 40 min hike through the trails. It felt good to get out and move around a bit.

5:15pm - Dinner
I made Dairy-Free Tuna Casserole for Dinner, and the cauliflower "cheese" sauce takes a bit of prep work. I added extra spinach to it to use up some of our veggies, which is why it is green this time around. I cleaned the kitchen, put on a load of laundry, and popped the final product in the oven to bake.

6:45pm - 5km Run
I set out for a 5km Run along the boardwalk. It was dark but the sky was clear and the weather was awesome for this time of year. The lake was like glass and there was no one else around. It made for a very peaceful little run (*but not great photo quality*). Just me, the lake, the stars, and Christmas Lights to lead me home.

7:20pm - Dinner
My casserole was ready when I got home, so I promptly stuffed my face. Jamie got home from Spinning shortly after me. We chatted over dinner and then took Clark for his second walk of the evening.

8:30 - Shower and Relaxing before Bed
After Clark's walk I jumped in the shower and put on my PJs. We have been watching "River" on Netflix.  Admittedly, it is on the darker side, but I really like it. I often putter around on my phone and social media while I watch TV, but I have been trying to decrease my phone time before bed. So I have been colouring instead. (I mentioned earlier that I am basically always multi-tasking).

Jamie got me a new Game of Thrones colouring book last week, so I have been working on that. For obvious reasons I will not be colouring any of the pictures of Cersei. I just don't need that kind of negativity in my life. She is basically THE WORST.

10:00pm - Meditation/Yoga, Reading, and Bed
I have been trying to practice either regular meditation with my MUSE or a short yoga flow (typically Yin style) before bed. Sometimes I turn out the lights, put on some candles, and just use the Christmas Tree to set the mood. I am not a great sleeper, so this has been helping me unwind a little before I head up for the night.

I read for about 30 minutes and then fell asleep.

Well that about sums up Wednesday and a typical day on the road.
Tell me about your week? Any grand plans for the weekend?

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,