Monday, 7 December 2015

A Birthday Mizuno Giveaway

Happy Monday Friends!

Saturday was my Birthday, and I basically spent the whole weekend celebrating.

On Friday night after work Jamie and I drove down to Niagara-On-The-Lake to meet up with my besties and their respective hubbies as well. It is not always easy to get all 10 of us together, so when it happens I am usually left smiling from ear-to-ear and with a sore stomach from laughing so hard.

3 of us have birthdays in December - in fact we were all born on the same week in the same hospital. I was joking with my friend Jess (we are just one day apart) that we probably met for the first time on my birthday in our cribs at the nursery, and we have basically been friends ever since. The older I get, the more I recognize how special it is to have these friendships. And I honestly don't know what I would do without these girls in my life.

I spent Saturday visiting with family. I visited my cousin Amber and her 3 little boys. And then we had dinner at Mom's house with my Papa and Jamie's Parents. It was a really relaxing couple of days. And I left with a full heart.

I cannot describe myself as lucky very often. Generally "hot mess" is a better description. But LOVE is something I have been extremely lucky in. I spent the weekend surrounded by friends and family, love, support, and laughs - and I don't think it gets much better than that.

But I wanted to be able share some of my birthday love and happiness with all of you, so today I have Mizuno Breath Thermo Giveaway!
I often get asked what I wear when I train outside in the winter - and Mizuno's Breath Thermo line is it! I literally wear all of their stuff - tights, jackets, base layers, etc. The fabric heats up as you sweat to help regulate your core temperature in the cold, but everything is still lightweight and breathable. It is my favourite winter gear.

I am giving away one Women's and one Men's Breath Thermo Half Zip. I recognize that there is a slight discrepancy between the number of women and the number of men who read my blog. So you can enter each contest separately. Girls are welcome to enter for the Men's Shirt if there is someone you would like to gift it too. And Guys are welcome to enter for the Women's too. There is a lot talk about feelings, boobies, babies, and sparkles around here - making this a slightly more female friendly forum. But my google analytics tell me that there are male readers out there, so first of all BRAVO for being down with all the feelings and sparkles I throw at you. And second, I think you will have a pretty solid chance at the Men's Half Zip - so make sure you enter!

Please note: this contest is only for my Canadian Reader's for shipment reasons (sorry American friends)

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Hope you all are having a great week!
And good luck!

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,