Monday, 9 November 2015

Workout Recap + Meal Prep and Making Progress

Well I am a little late to the Workout Recap + Meal Planning fun again this week. This weekend ended up getting a little hectic. I had to work on and off this weekend. And then in between workouts, the Remembrance Day celebration with Grandad, and speaking at the Toronto Tri Club AGM, the weekend got away from me.

I was nervous speaking to the Toronto Tri Club on Sunday. I am not part of the club, so I felt a little intimidated walking in and sharing my story. This is a group of pretty impressive athletes, many qualifying for Kona, competing at Worlds, and regularly wining their AG. I, obviously, have no advice to give these people from a performance standpoint. In fact I definitely still consider myself a triathlon newbie. So instead I opted to talk about how I believe sport is for everyone. And was hopefully able to remind them to be grateful for their bodies and their season. Fingers crossed I managed to somehow express those thoughts in a somewhat articulate fashion.

I got home from my Toronto Tri talk feeling under the weather. The hubby was fighting a sore throat last week, and I think it may have caught up with me. So today will be rest day, in hopes of feeling better tomorrow.

Despite this little bug I am currently battling, I have noticed a huge difference in how I have been feeling overall since going gluten-free. I also met with my doctor and have started my thyroid medication and changes have been drastic.

I doubt many people who know me, would ever say that I was lacking in energy. And it is not that I am all of sudden doing so much more than I did before. So I am not quite sure how to describe the changes. Maybe, that I am just more "clear". My busy days would leave me feeling wiped out. And mornings were definitely a struggle to get going - hence my over dependence on coffee. Since I have have started implementing these changes, I wake up feeling rested. And I just generally feel better throughout the day. So I am officially a convert to this whole new meal plan.

This week's dinners included...
Monday - General Tao Tofu Stirfry
Tuesday - Vegan Cauliflower Mac & Cheese
Wednesday - Quinoa Crusted Zucchini Quiche
Thursday - Polenta with Lean Ground Beef
Friday - Sushi out with Friends
Saturday - Quinoa Salad 
Sunday - Chicken, Rice, and Salad at the Tri Club AGM

And my workouts were pretty awesome this week too. I went running Saturday with Jamie. My legs were feeling pretty tired from training this week. And I had been up early for work that morning, so I was just aiming for a easy run. Jamie's IT band started to tighten up towards the end of the run, and he decided to drop the pace to wrap things up. I had to hang on or be left behind. We did our final 3km in between a 5:00/km-4:30/km pace (or an 8:00/mile-7:15/mile for my American friends). That is fast in my books. But I was able to keep up, and not completely keel over and die at the end. Which was a pretty big confidence boost for me.

I even upgraded my Running Index this week. Polar offers this running feature that looks at your Performance, your VO2 Max, and your training economy to give you a running measurement. Mine is typically in the 40s. But this week I cracked the 50s and Elite status! This is no small task for me and my robot heart. In fact it has been close to 2 years since I have seen this number. So needless to say, it has been a good week.

This week's workouts...
Monday - 60 min Spin at 3sports
Tuesday - REST
Wednesday - 20min Stairmaster, 30min HIIT Pyramid Workout, and 15min cool down on the Bike
                   - 60 min Spin at 3sports
Thursday - 5km Run
Friday - 30min Tone It Up Girls Workout - Arms and HIIT
Saturday - 8km Run
Sunday - 90 min Spin at 3Sports

Well that about sums up my week last week. I hope you all are having a great Monday.
Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,