Sunday, 15 November 2015

Weekly Workouts + Meal Planning

Admittedly, this week is not exactly any special training-wise. I managed 4 workouts this week. But what is note worthy, is the shift I noticed in my attitude about it.

When I started this blog, about 4 years ago now, I was looking for a creative way to share my journey. But I was also looking for a place to share my training and be held accountable. The original goal was to strive for hard training, clean eating, the "perfect" blog, while continuing to give my all to my career, family and friends. I was wrapped up with faux idea of perfection. Being able to Do-All and Be-All at All times.

In the past, a week like this would have stressed me out. I would have beat myself up. Because although I planned to write a 3rd blog post, I never managed to find time for it. I was fighting a bit of a cold and I only ended up doing 4 workouts. I would have felt like I didn't do enough. I would have looked at everyone else running 100s of miles and qualifying for Boston, and felt like I didn't measure up.

But as I get older (*yep, I can't avoid the fact that I am getting older*), the idea of Balance is something I strive for a whole lot more than perfection.

More and more, mostly because I have made mistakes and burnt myself out plenty of times before, I recognize that the are only so many hours in the day. And while, I still strive to train hard and generally eat clean, I realize that I am balancing all of that with my other priorities. And my priorities are always first and foremost my family and friends, my career, and then my athletic endeavors. I love sport and fitness. I want to take care of health and body. But a lot of what that really means for me involves embracing balance.

This week I went easy on my training, so I could shake my cold. I spent a lot of extra time planning the holidays with my family and coordinating birthdays. I chatted with a few of my out-of-town friends (**Hi Sarah! Hi Amber**). I made a care package for a blogging friend who recently lost her daughter. I started decorating for Christmas. I experimented with a gluten-free cookie recipe. And I went to visit my Mom for her birthday in Niagara.

I did 4 workouts. I stayed on track with my meal plan. I took my supplements daily. I got 8 hours of sleep each night. I felt rested come Saturday. I felt happy. And I felt balanced.

For me, a lot of what I have discovered since I started this blog is that All-or-Nothing can only work for so long. And that what I have really been striving for is the ability to create a sustainable, healthy, happy life - Not a Perfect One.

And I think I am finally finding my stride.

This week's dinners included...
Monday - Gluten-free Mediterranean Pizza with Feta
Tuesday - Shrimp Tacos (gluten-free tortillas)
Wednesday - Gluten-free Pancakes
Thursday - Chicken, Salad, and Acorn Squash
Friday - White Fish Curry Soup with Rice Noodles
Saturday - Dinner with Mom at Peller Estates
               - Squash Soup, Strip Loin Steak, and Yogurt Panna Cotta 
Sunday - Chicken Salad

My Dinner at Peller with Mom deserves better documentation, so it gets it's own little section

This week's workouts included...
Monday - Rest
Tuesday - 5km Run
Wednesday - 60min Spin at 3Sports
Thursday - 3km Run to Goodlife Fitness, 15min Stairmaster, and Arms
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - 5km Run

I hope you all had a great week too!
Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,