Sunday, 1 November 2015

Hashimoto's, Meal Planning, + Weekly Workouts

Well friends, it is Sunday! And that means it is time for another edition of Meal Planning + Weekly Workouts.

I mentioned a few weeks back that I recently started working with a Naturopath for a variety of reasons, but mostly just to help improve my overall health. We started by making some changes to my diet and having some initial blood work done.

Well my blood work came back this week, and it turns out I have Low Thyroid as a result of Hashimoto's Syndrome. It sounds dramatic - and I think depending on the severity of your symptoms it can be - but honestly I have felt pretty good. So I was surprised by the diagnosis.

I had my first wonky thyroid reading almost 3 years ago. But it balanced back out and I didn't give it much thought. The symptoms for low thyroid - fatigue, cold intolerance, dry skin, muscle aches - were pretty easily explained away by other things. I was working full-time, training for marathons, and dealing with quite a few major things including medical set-backs and losing my Dad.

It just made sense to me that I was feeling worn down.

I will talk more about the diagnosis and my treatment plan in full detail later this week. But one of the key pieces to my Holistic Treatment Plan is to go Gluten-Free. (*you can read about the reasoning behind that ---> HERE*). It definitely requires more thought and planning, especially when on the road, but it really is quite doable with today's many gluten-free options.

The one place where I do not plan on following this rule is on our upcoming vacation to London and Paris in February. I just know it is not realistic for me. And while I do think I should avoid gluten given my diagnosis, I do not have an allergy as my scope confirmed. So I don't think it is possible to expect me to resist those lovely French pastries. They are just part of life's simple pleasures, and you have to be able enjoy those once in awhile right?

This week I have eased into my new fully gluten free routine. Including cleaning out my cupboards - since I accidently ate Bulgar on Tuesday thinking it was an approved grain. And I have finally acclimatized to my sugar-withdrawal. So I can now officially say that I am feeling great on my new meal plan.

This week's dinners included...

Monday - Coconut Crusted Pickerel with Spinach and Rice
Tuesday - Pineapple Fried Bulgar (oops!)
Wednesday - Curry Carrot Soup with Hummus and Rudi's Gluten-Free Spinach Tortilla (*Rudi's is a new GF brand I happened upon in Loblaws and I recommend - their tortillas are really good*)
Thursday - That Clean Life Fish Taco Pizza Recipe
Friday - That Clean Life Egg and Edamame Burrito
Saturday - Chicken and Rice with Peas
Sunday - Turkey Sausage with Squash and Kale

I think as a result of the changes in my diet over the last few weeks, I have also been feeling great during my training sessions. I had been working on increasing my mileage, but I haven't felt very strong over the past month.

My paces have been slower, and I was beating myself up in my inner dialogue. On Saturday I had a great 10km workout. I did a progression speed session. And my final speed interval (1km) was done at a 4:20/km pace (7:00/mile for my American friends). That is about as fast as I have ever been and it felt great to gut it out and push hard. I feel like my old self again! And brought my monthly mileage to 115km, more than double what I did in September!

This week's training...

Monday - 5km Run (to and from the gym) 30min BodyShred Class + 15min Awesome Abs at Goodlife
Tuesday - Rest
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - 5km Run
Friday - 60min Cycle on the Indoor Training
Saturday - 10km Progression Speed Session
Sunday - 90min Cycle with 3Sports (my husband is joining in the fun this winter too!)

I hope you are all having a great week!

Do you have any great Gluten-Free Recipes for me? If so please pass them on! I am looking for some good ones!

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,