Friday, 27 November 2015

Friday Thoughts and Rambles

It Friday! And today's post has no real theme or serious objective. It is really just a hodgepodge of pictures from my iphone and a glimpse at life around here lately.

I got New Glasses this week. I went for a check up and my prescription has actually decreased...weird right?! I wear my contacts 70% of the time, but picking out new glasses is always fun!

I have spent the last couple of weeks decorating for Christmas. I know a lot of my American Friends feel it is too early because you are celebrating Thanksgiving this week. But we Canadians celebrated our Thanksgiving in October, Remembrance Day (aka our Vetrans Day) was November 11th, and the Toronto Santa Clause Parade was November 15th - so it is officially Christmas in Canada.

I tried to get a second projection light for the other side of the house, but they are sold out everywhere! I went to 4 different stores. So apparently I am not the only one who is eager to decorate for the holidays. I would say about 60% of our neighbours have their lights out now.
And while we are on the subject of the house, I have recently stumbled upon this little Rug Company - Rug and Weave. They have such gorgeous colours and designs, and they are having a Black Friday Sale...Tell me I need this one for my bedroom (*and tell my husband too*)
And lastly, a lot of people have been asking questions about my Acupuncture Treatments. And in hindsight I wish I took proper before pictures. But I am spent much of the last 11 years hiding my swollen left arm, so it didn't occur to me to document it. I was also skeptical about the effectiveness of acupuncture. It was something I wanted to try, but I didn't go in expecting the results that I have experienced.

I took a picture during my second appointment, mostly because my husband was curious what the treatment looked like. I had already noticed some changes in the colouring, but no real lasting results in terms of decreasing the inflammation. So while this isn't a true before shot - you get the idea. My left arms is pretty swollen here and kind looks like a blob.
This next photo is about 2 weeks later at treatment #4, and you can see there is a pretty drastic difference in size and it is starting to have more of a shape.

This photo is about where I am right now after 6 treatments, and after a 4 week break since my last. (I have had 1 more treatment since I took this photo) You can see that my left arm is slightly swollen through the bicep and tricep area. But there is no swelling through the chest or down through the lower half of my arm.
I will likely have to continue with regular treatments to manage the inflammation, but hopefully the frequency of my treatments will decrease as my body begins to adapt.

And that about sums up what has been happening around here.

What have your been up to lately? How has your week been?
Tell me something that made you smile this week?

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,