Thursday, 1 October 2015

Summer Home Renos

It has been awhile since I have done a house update. And since moving into our new house in January we have been slowly working on a few different projects to make it our own.

One of our big summer projects was to put in a fence. This was mostly for Clark - but we found it made the yard more usable for us as well.

Jamie and I spent a couple of weekends building it. We had the posts professionally done, but everything else we did ourselves. I became very well acquainted with our drill over the course of those few weeks. And all-in-all we are happy with how it turned out.

We have spent lots of summer evenings BBQ-ing dinner and relaxing back there. After many years of apartment living, it is nice to have some green space to call our own. The yard is still a bit of blank slate so a deck and/or patio is on our long term to-do list, but for now this works.

We rearranged the living room area slightly - moving the sideboard over to the far wall to flow into the dining area better. 

We also added several vacation canvases to the wall. They are all pictures from our last couple of trips. We ordered them from Poster Jack. They were well priced, they were delivered in no time, and I love how they turned out. I am not 100% happy with the Coliseum picture - mostly because I don't think the colouring goes with the rest of the group, so we may have to exchange that for a couple of new picture from our upcoming vacation in February. 

I want to add more storage to this room long term, we are just looking for the right piece. I am looking for something like this. Anyone have any great tips? Is it potentially easier to just make something?

So this main room is still a bit of a work in progress for us.

And finally, we completed the Nursery. 

I was reluctant to share this, because I realize I look slightly crazy having a fully outfitted nursery at this point. But I wanted to be honest about this part of the process. 

Anyone who knows me, knows I am planner. So it will come as no surprise  that I had already ordered bedroom furniture for the nursery. I found 2 pieces that I loved and they were on sale - so it felt meant to be.

When we first found out about the miscarriage, we closed the door to this room. We even had friends offer to come over and help us dismantle the crib. But after a couple of days, both Jamie and I decided that we wanted to go ahead and finish off the nursery. 

We painted after miscarrying - in part as an act of defiance. This wasn't our time, but our time for a little one is coming so we may as well be ready for it.

I bought bedding with an Amazon Gift card from a friend (*thanks Ron!*) and went in search of a little marquee B for Baby Bishop. For me, this was healing. They always say if you want something you should put that kind of energy into the universe, and it will find its way back to you. So this was me putting positive baby energy out into the universe. 

Everything Beautiful in its Own Time. 
And when the universe is ready, I am ready.

Love Your Favourite (always hopeful) Darwinian Fail,