Sunday, 4 October 2015

Positive Self-Talk + Meal Prep

I shared over the weekend via Instagram that I have been struggling lately with Negative Self Talk.

I have never hidden the fact that on and off throughout my teenage years and early 20s I battled with body image. Over the past few years, I laid my demons to rest, and found a positive space within the world of running. I stopped looking at the scale, and started measuring my success with training runs completed and miles run. There is something deeply satisfying about ticking off that training run for the week. I stopped worrying about what my body looked like and instead focused on what my body could do. It was a huge shift, and one that I continue to be grateful for.

But over the past month I have felt myself slipping back into my old ways.

I have not been training in the way that I have become accustomed for about the past 6 months. And despite knowing that it was necessary, I have been beating myself up about it. I have also been struggling after our loss last month. I have found myself brooding over the way my body has let me down.

I know I need to make a change. And one of my goals for October is change the way I talk to myself.

There are things that I control - I can continue to improve my training, and I can cut out my recent stress-eating habits. I know that by prioritizing taking care of my body, this will immediately have a positive impact on my state of mind. But I also know that I need to work on simply being kinder to myself overall.

It is not always easy, but I know it is a cycle I need to change.

This week I have been working on increasing my mileage. I spent much of the last few months running 5-15km a week. So this week I finally worked my way up to 30km again with 3x 10km runs. It was nice to be out there for a longer distance more regularly. And I am hoping to add an additional 10km for this coming week.

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 60 min Indoor Trainer
Wednesday: 10km Run
Thursday: 10km Run
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 10km Run

Meal Prep:
I have definitely been indulging in more stress-eating than my meal-prep break down will suggest. I have been snacking and turning to sugar more than is wholly necessary, mostly in the evenings. For the month of October I am also making toning down some of these habits a priority.

Monday: Panzanella Salad
Tuesday: Sushi and Kombucha
Wednesday: Sausage and Roasted Potatoes
Thursday: Cheddar Broccoli Quiche
Friday: Sushi Date with my Husband complete with Cheesecake for Dessert
Saturday: Cabbage and Sage Soup
Sunday: Fettuccini and Kale Alfredo

I hope you all had a great week.

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,