Tuesday, 6 October 2015

A Day in the Life

I have noticed that quite a few of my favourite bloggers have been posting glimpses into their day-to-day lives with "A Day in the Life" Posts. And I decided I wanted to join in. So here is how Monday went down.

7:00am - Wake-up
I am not really a morning person. I have always wanted to be the type of person who is up at 5:30am running as the sun comes up, but the truth is I can be pretty grumpy in the morning. Especially, before I have had my coffee. So I tend to be slow moving while I struggle to start the day. I read the paper, spent some time reading a few of my regular blogs, fed Clark, and took him for his morning walk. I washed the dishes (because I didn't do it the night before), dropped my husband off at work (he works about 10 mins from our place), and then got myself organized to start the day.

8:15am - Work Begins
(*Notice the multiple coffee cups - this speaks to my caffeine addiction*)
My office is downstairs, so the commute is pretty awesome. I work for Polar Canada. The head office is in Montreal, but I work remotely here in the GTA. My official title is Technical Training and Social Media Engagement Coordinator. Yes it is a mouthful. Basically it means that I manage our Canadian Tech Team. And I also manage the Marketing and Canadian Content for our Social Media Channels. On Monday, I had to finish my September Tech Team Report first thing. I then spent the rest of morning on Conference Calls discussing upcoming product campaigns and events.

12:30pm - Lunch Time
After wrapping up my last AM call it was time to eat, and to take a break since I would be working late that evening. This happens often. I have commitments in the morning, but I also have evening commitments, so I need to break up my work day mid-way through, so I don't end up working an obscene amount of overtime.

I made myself a my new favourite lunch - Pumpkin and Kale Pita Pizza. My husband has informed me that this type of lunch makes me look like a complete hippie-health-nut. But I don't care. It is delicious.

You just need...
1 whole-wheat pita
2  tbsp. of pumpkin puree
1 bunch of Kale sautéed with garlic
2 tbsp. of Pecorino Romano
Bake for 10min at 350 and Enjoy

I had my pumpkin pizza with  my home-made Matcha Almond Milk Latte. I am trying (emphasis on trying) not to be so dependent on coffee. Its a work in progress..

1:00pm - Running and Getting Ready
I then sent out a couple more emails, changed into my running gear, and set out for a 10km training run

I got home and hopped in the shower. I planned to immediately head out the door. But Clark guilted  me into feeding him dinner and taking him for a short walk around the block. It is hard to say no to this face.

3:30pm - Meetings
I spend a lot of time in my car journeying around Ontario. Luckily on Monday, I was just in Toronto, so my commute time was not crazy. I had 2 meetings with our key retailers on my way to my evening heart rate talk.

5:30pm - Grabbing Dinner On The Go
I popped into Fresh to grab some dinner. I order a green juice and the Tangled Thai Salad with tempeh bacon. Unfortunately the salad took a little longer than anticipated to get to me. So after this picture, I just had to ask for a to-go container so I could eat it later.

6:00pm - Heart Rate Training Talk
I often get asked to speak to Runners and Athletes about Heart Rate based Training. On Monday I was talking to a group of about 15 runners abut how to incorporate Heart Rate Training into their current routine.

8:00pm - Home At Last
I arrived home a little after 8pm and I was finally able to eat my Salad. I snuggled up downstairs with my 2 favourite guys for about an hour of TV. We have been watching the Strain which a slightly cheesey but awesome hybrid Alien/Vampire show.

Clark had his last walk for the evening. I did my nightly meditation and then curled up with my book for a little while before I fell asleep.

10:30pm - Lights Out
How do your days usually shape up?

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,