Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Workout Wednesday - Killer Legs

I am not sure what it is like in your neck of the woods, but here in Toronto, it is freaking HOT! The past few weeks have been absolutely crazy. It has been hot, humid, and sticky. With several severe heat warnings in effect.

Making the idea of heading out for my usual run or bike ride very unappealing. I have gone out a few times, but I never make it very far in this heat. So I have been heading to my local air conditioned Goodlife and taking this opportunity to do more strength training.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am not big on Strength Training. I always say I am going to do it. But skimp on these workouts in favour of a run instead. So I am using the fact that running isn't all that pleasant right now, to up my strength training game.

I created this workout a couple weeks back and I spent the next 2 days limping around, so I decided it was effective enough to share. (*please note I am not a personal trainer, this is just a routine I made up on my own*)

I did 3 rounds:
10 x Squats
10 x Sumo Squats
10 x Plank Leg Lifts (each side)
10x Kettlebell Dead Lifts (I use a 20kg kettlebell)
10x Grasshopper Plank (each side)
10x Lunges (each side)
10x Burpees

With 30-40 second rest in between rounds

I must admit I have been pretty lax about my training over the past few weeks. As I mentioned earlier this week I have just been feeling kind of run down. Thankfully my Staycation was just what I needed, and I feel ready to get back into a more regular training plan.

My goal for this week is head to the gym and complete this workout 3x. And then also squeeze in 1 run and 1 bike ride.

I am also looking for a really good upper body workout. If you have one you really like please let me know. I am hoping to alternate weeks - 1 weeks lower body, followed by 1 week upper body, and repeat!

Happy Training!
Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,