Sunday, 16 August 2015

Darwinian Success Due March 2016

Friends, I must confess, I have been keeping a secret the past few months.

We are expecting our own little Darwinian Success in March 2016.

It is surreal for me to sit here and write this. For those of you who have been following along with me for the past few years, you know that I have not exactly always had an abundance of good news to share with you. So much of this year has already been blessed beyond measure. And this, this something we have wanted for a long time, but have simply been waiting for the right moment. Excited is an understatement. It has been very difficult to keep it a secret this long.

Pregnancy and Babies have been something I have wondered about since I was originally diagnosed with my Heart Condition over 13 years ago. And I promised myself that I would share this part of my journey for all those other Darwinian Fail's out there worrying and wondering about pregnancy and motherhood.

I know genetically speaking I am a Hot Mess. But apparently these genes are not so bad after all because Mother Nature feels they are worthy of being passed on.

I am currently 11 weeks pregnant.

How Did You Feel during the First Trimester? What types of symptoms have you experienced?

It was shockingly uneventful.

I was sure that I would struggle with morning sickness given my long standing issues with acid reflux and regular tummy troubles. But I have been lucky, and have felt really good. I have had some waves of nausea during weeks 7-9 if I went too long without food or if I was starting to feel worn down. But that is as bad as it's been.

I do however feel like I had a mild form of narcolepsy. As soon as I would sit down I would fall asleep. It was kind of embarrassing. Especially for someone that typically has a lot of energy and is usually really busy, I felt completely exhausted after doing even the most basic of tasks. I fell asleep in front of the TV every night. And I have been going to bed at ridiculous times - like 8:30pm on a semi regular basis. That seems to have a calmed down over the last few weeks though, and my energy is coming back.

I also have the skin of a pre-teen. Except even as I pre-teen I didn't have this problem. So this has been a shocking a distressing side effect.

Have you had any Food Cravings?

Not really. But I have been craving more sugar than usual. I am not typically a sweets person, but lately I have really been enjoying Jujubes and Doughnuts. I am not convinced that's a craving though, since Jujubes and Doughnuts are just good!

But I have had a slight aversion to coffee. Which is shocking for this regular coffee guzzler. I can usually drink about half of 1 small cup. But even that is often a struggle.

What does this mean for you from a Medical Standpoint?

I have been talking with my doctors about this for the last 3 years. What should I expect? When is a good time? So after my last surgery in November and our move in January, we knew that if everything was going well health-wise this year would be the year.

Having Long QT and a Pacemaker/defibrillator means that my pregnancy is considered High Risk. My cardio team have referred me to the Special Pregnancy unit at Mount Sinai. And I will be followed there for all of my prenatal and post-natal care.

It also likely means that I will be having a scheduled C-section.

My medical history is complicated and labor and delivery can be unpredictable, so we are just going to do what helps eliminate a lot of the unknowns. A pre-planned C-section means that the medical team involved is well informed of my medical considerations and is prepared for the type of specialized care I may require.

I have no strong feelings about ideal birth plans/experiences. So I am happy to add another scar to my growing collection to ensure that both baby and I stay healthy.

Are you still Running?

At this point - Yes.

I actually did my Spontaneous Triathlon while pregnant - I just didn't know it yet. I took a pregnancy test two days later. I was shocked when it read positive, because I felt so strong and comfortable on race day. So Baby Bishop and I have already done our first race together!

I am not convinced I will be able to run for my whole pregnancy. But I would like to strive to be active throughout, as long as my medical team approves.

My goal right now is sweat 3-5x a week. I have been running a couple times a week usually around 5km. I have also been doing regular strength training at Goodlife Fitness. The AC has been very much appreciated. I typically do 30-40 min of cardio to warm up, followed by 20-30min of strength training. Jess from the Blonde Ponytail has a whole bunch of great Prenatal Fitness Routines, and I have been using those on a regular basis.

Weight Gain and Physical Changes?

So far I have gained 5lbs and everything looks a lot softer all over. My little abs are gone. And I generally feel like I have eaten too much Chipotle all the time. I am in that awkward stage where I don't really look pregnant, I just look like I am getting kind of chubby. All of my clothes still currently fit, but flowy tops are my friends.

Mostly we are just so excited for our next great adventure and are looking forward to meeting our little one in March!

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail.