Thursday, 4 June 2015

Life Lately and Learning How to be Present

Life lately has been strange for me. And I have found myself a little lost for words.

Life lately has been GOOD.

Things have been peaceful. I am embarrassed to admit, it has taken me by surprise. I have been struggling to embrace it and stay present.

April was probably the moment where everything hit me.

We were finally all settled in our new home, and actually enjoying our new routine. I was training again and feeling strong. I was given a promotion at work, which has been keeping me really busy, but also provided me with a lot of new challenges that I am really enjoying. My husband was also offered a new job and promotion, all without his lengthy commute into the city. And if that all wasn't enough, Sportchek called to ask me to shoot a commercial.

I should have been over the moon, but my stomach was twisted in knots. And I found myself sobbing at the kitchen table.

It was all too much. It was too many nice things.

And that is not how my life works. So I founds myself completely panic stricken that life would immediately pull the rug out from under me at any moment.

Rational Krysten knows that this is no way to live. But Real Slightly Emotionally Damaged Krysten has used a healthy dose of pessimism to ground herself are steady her heart against the next great life disaster.

So here I am - feeling completely relaxed and happy. But also just that little bit vulnerable.

And I find myself wondering, where do I go from here?

There are no disasters to navigate. And I don't have any summer races planned at the moment. So my focus right now is to...

simply be present.

This is something I know how to do really well when life is tumultuous.

But being fully and completely relaxed is not something I have been for a very long time.

So as simple as it all sounds, that is my goal for this summer. (*more on my full summer game plan in my next post*)

What do you do to relax and harness a peaceful heart? 
How do you embrace where you are right now?

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,