Friday, 1 May 2015

Random Friday

I have another random Friday post for you. I have lots of different things to share, but they are kind of all over the place...So here you go - a glimpse into my little scatterbrain.

Race Update:
I am headed to the race expo on my lunch hour today to pick up my race kit. I am excited and a little nervous, but after my small emotional meltdown follow last Saturday's Race, I have made peace with where I am today.

I can only...

Start where I am
Where I am in 5 months post-op, from my 4th surgery in just over 3 years. I know that rebuilding is hard and takes time.
Use what I have
I have the ability to preserve, fight, and keep on trying. So if Sunday is not my day, I know there will be others. And this only one small part of a much bigger journey
Do what I can
I have trained as best I could over the past few months, and I have done my best to rest and respect my limits this week. So Sunday I will run hard, and be proud of whatever result I end up with.

Catfish Update:
A lot of you read my original catfish story, left comments, and gave advice on the whole situation. In my original post I asked for the person responsible to consider contacting me so I could understand their side of things. Many of you have asked if I ever heard from them - and the answer is YES.

I found out who she really is. It was actually someone I had been regularly chatting with on Social Media for almost a year. She created this fake profile around the same time that she initially reached out to me. We talked via Facebook Messager for over an hour last week.

To be honest I still don't understand it.

I was expecting some sort of concrete answer or deeper understanding of it all.
But I didn't leave with that.

What I will say, is that we ended the conversation with forgiveness. Whatever her motives and whatever her reasons I believe that most people are struggling with a battle that we don't always understand. So my hope is that she will learn from this experience, gain self-acceptance, and find happiness.

Get Out There Girls:
Our second podcast All about Cycling is now live. You can also subscribe to our podcast on iTunes!

Would love to hear what you guys think? And if there is anything you want us to cover in our next few episode?

Spartan Race Giveaway:
I have run several different obstacle races over the years, and I always have a great time. You get to spend the day harnessing your inner 6 year old - you run, you jump, you climb, you laugh, you stomp through mud - and just generally have a great time.

Reebok Spartan Race has sent me 2 free race entries to giveaway to my readers and you can enter below!

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Hope you are all having a great week!
Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,