Monday, 9 March 2015

My March Resolutions

Someone asked me recently via Social Media what my goals were for this year. And I realized because we were so busy with the move and the renos during the month of January, I never sat down and gave that a ton of thought.

I realize it is kind of late for a "Resolution" post, since it is March. But I am going to do one anyways!

I noticed a lot of bloggers opted to pick a word rather than set actual goals. And I love the idea of having an intention guide your year, actions, and decisions. But I am also the Queen of the To-Do List, so I am going to opt to do both.

My word for 2015 is...

Health - Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually.

This is generally always my goal, but over the past few years my focus has always been more heavily on the physical aspect. Last year showed me that more energy needed to be invested on the mental and spiritual side as well. I definitely made strides in this department last year, but we are always a work in progress, so I know there is more I can do find a balance. So that is my goal this year.

Health and Wellness:

1. Run a Sub-2 hour Half Marathon
Last year I set a Personal Best and ran a 2:03:38 half. So Close. Yet so far. Because shortly after setting this Personal Best my Robot Heart started to unravel and my training soon took a total nose dive. I think if I can get solid stretch of training sans any major health disasters, then I know I can get there. So as always, the sub-2 is on my to-do list. And the Half Marathon is the distance I am going to focus on this year.

2. Run more Trail Races
I ran my first trail race this past fall, and I loved it! It was just the kind of change I needed - the energy is relaxed and energizing all at the same time. And I had an absolute blast doing it. So I definitely want to run more of these this year.

3. Cycle More
Truth be told I am little afraid of my bike. I don't entirely know why, but I am. I think part of my aversion comes from trying to ride in Toronto - which is notoriously not bike friendly. And the other part is that this a completely different skill-set and muscle groups that I do not possess. Luckily I have moved to the bike-friendly Burbs and joined a cycling group - 3Sports. So I am determined to make my Bike my friend this year. (*Grow baby quads grow!*)

4. Practice Yoga 1x week
I love yoga, but when things get stressful/busy my yoga practice is always the first to go. Which makes no sense, because that is actually likely when I need my yoga classes the most. So this year my goal is try to do 1 class every week. Luckily my Goodlife Fitness has started to offer Hot Yoga at a bunch of their locations, so I will be able to easily schedule my yoga sessions.

5. Eat for Health
In 2014 I relaxed a lot of eating habits. I enjoyed my wine, my cheese, my desserts, and it was glorious/delicious. I enjoy food and I enjoy having a balance. So my goal with nutrition for 2015 is eat for health. In other words focus on eating nourishing whole foods, primarily plant-based (because that is the diet I feel best on), but leave room for cookies because sometimes the soul just needs that.

Work Life:

6. Embrace New Challenges
I have been working full-time for Polar Canada for over a year now, and since I have started with the company my role has changed and continues to change. It is always new and different, so my goal for 2015 is to continue to grow with the company and embrace the new challenges I am given.

Home Life:

7. Embrace this Transition
We have bought our first house, moved to the burbs, and made some pretty big changes in terms of our lifestyle. So far the transition has been going really well. We have both been settling into our new routine and have been really happy with everything. But it is still a change - in terms of budget and commute especially - and that will all be something we will have to continue to navigate.

8. Prioritize Family and Friends
Spending time with these people brighten my world and my life. So this is always one or major priorities.

Growth and Development

9. Practice Daily Mediation
I have always turned to mediation during times of stress, but I admit it is not something I consistently make time for. Stress has such a negative impact on the body and on the spirit, but finding a productive way to manage it over the past few years has been a struggle. So one of goals in start a daily mediation practice. I just got a Muse - a brain sensing headband - that is meant to help you de-stress and train your brain with guided meditation games. I am going to start using it each night before bed and I am excited to track my progress.

10. Accept Progress not Perfection
It is no secret that I have seriously strong Type-A tendencies. But it is exactly that voice that rings loud and proud in my ear expecting more - always more. I have made a lot of progress in this department. And slowly, ever so slowly, I am starting to accept that not everything can be perfect and under control at all times. That being said, the voice is still there. I still battle those negative words on a semi-regular basis. So this year I working on embracing progress without expecting perfection.

11. Say No More
This is always on-going for me. I say "Yes" way more often then I say "No", and I find myself over-extended. Then there are all these events, expectations, work, commitments, and I find myself barely squeezing in the things I really want. And thus, the cycle of guilt begins - I feel guilty for saying "No", so I say "Yes". But inevitably the things I want to focus on get pushed aside, and then I feel guilty for saying "Yes". So here I am overextended, guilt-riddled, and stressed. That is no way to be. So I will continue striving for that elusive balance.