Sunday, 15 March 2015

Canada Goose Spring 2015 Sneak Peak

I was invited to preview the Canada Goose Spring 2015 line last Friday. And I must admit I was excited.

You can't live in Toronto - especially after the Winter we have had - without knowing about Canada Goose. Their big puffy parkas are everywhere! But for obvious reasons I only associate them with our cold crazy weather.

But the truth is we have pretty wide variety of crazy weather in this beautiful country we call home. When it is not -30 and snowing, we are often battling rain and wind, all before we get to start enjoying the heat and humidity. Our climate is all over the place. And if you are like me, then it doesn't matter, because you are going to be outside anyway - either for a training run or at the very least to walk to the dog. Run or Shine, Sleet or Snow - I am out there.

So I was interested to hear what kind of options they had for the Spring. I grabbed some Carrot/Ginger juice, and met up with Alex from Canada Goose and another blogger (Hi Julio!) to check out the Spring Line. Julio immediately noticed the colour-blocking, while I was more interested in the ventilation options and the technical features. Luckily there was plenty of both for us to admire.

My 2 Spring Must - Haves:

Timber Shell - This is the one piece of running gear that my wardrobe is missing. It is 100% waterproof, but with enough technical features that you actually wear it running. The under-arm locking zipper provide ventilation, the fabric has two-way stretch for unimpeded movement, and it has all kind of pockets for your gels, phone, keys, and the like.

I put their water-proofing technology to the test in the rain machine (*see above*), and am happy to report I was completely dry at the end. This scored some major points for me. Because I have struggled through many miles on cold rainy days, wishing I had something like this.

Most of my jacket are "water-resistant", which means for a short run you stay relatively dry. But if you are out there for long enough - you are going to get wet. And a lot of times you have to trade breathe-ability for water-proofing. This shell has all of those features in one - so you can't go wrong.

Hybridge Lite Jacket - This one is more of a lifestyle piece, but like I said, the is not a single day of the year that I can avoid
spending a least an hour outside - the pup needs his daily exercise. So that means I am out trekking around the neighbourhood and the local trails everyday after work.

This jacket is extremely light, but provides enough warmth and insulation for the fluctuating weather. This week being a perfect example - it was 8C on Monday but yesterday it was back down to -1C. It is not exactly parka weather, but it is also not really warm enough to do without them yet either. These fluctuation temps are often where we spend the bulk of the year - both in the Spring and in the Fall. So I could see how you would get a lot of use out this piece.

It was really great to see how the brand is growing and expanding. And I am so happy to get the chance to support an amazing local Canadian Business!
Thanks for the Sneak Peak guys!

Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,