Wednesday, 25 March 2015

A Happy Heart Milestone and a Pro Compression Giveaway

Last Saturday I went out for my long run with my husband. Despite the fact that I got him into running, he has a whole lot more of that "natural talent" thing than I do (*cough* he ran his 1st marathon in 3:29:57...). I am gonna go ahead and play the "Robot Heart Card" on this one, because it has got to be good for something. But needless to say he is a much faster than me.

He always slows things down so we can run together for the long runs. But I will admit he pushes me to run my long runs just that little bit faster than I would run them on my own. It is nice to have that kick in the pants out there, because I do think it helps make me a better runner. But last weekend, when I was feeling a extra tired after being away for work, I was definitely feeling that "little bit" faster.

We ran 16 km between a 6:00/km-6:30/km pace (that is 9:40/mile-10:30/mile pace for my American friends). And while I have not noticed any startling improvements in my pace or time since I started seriously training again in February, I did hit a big Cardiovascular Milestone this past weekend. My average Heart rate for my long slow run dropped by 20 BPM. I have not seen that number and run at that effort in over a year!

Last year when things started to go sideways my Heart Rate was the first place I noticed it. And while I continued to run leading up to Surgery #7, it always required extra effort. My body was not functioning properly - I had swelling and a certain amount of pain. So running easy-peasy miles was not something I was able to do.

Saturday I did it. I ran long. I ran easy. And my body felt like my body again for the first time in a very long time. 

Slowly but surely I am rebuilding and getting there!

In other news, since I am running and training again, Compression Gear is my friend! And definitely helping to keep my legs fresh in between runs. So I wanted to share the love! I have a super-awesome Pro Compression Giveaway for you!

It is open to both American and Canadians so make sure you enter below!

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Hope you guys are having a GREAT week!
Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,