Monday, 16 February 2015

So What's Next?

It is literally my day job to talk about Running and Racing. It is pretty much the best gig going! But it also means that I can not go more than a couple of hours without being asked,

"What are you training for?"

And for the past few months my answer has been NOTHING. (which is kinda werid for me)

It has been exactly 82 days since Surgery #7, and my goal was to ease back into training gradually without pressure or any expectations.

Whenever I go in for my surgeries I always talk to my surgeons about my recovery timeline. And they always have some guidelines for me, but the truth is I am a bewildering little mystery.
- I just turned 30
- this is my 7th surgery, and my 4th in just 3 years
- and when I talk about recovery, I am talking about running marathons
So the truth is they have no idea. They are not enough "Krystens" out there for them to make even an educated guess. I am that outlier. That case that doesn't fit. And that patient that they are never quite sure what to make of.

I have learned this over the years. The guidelines that they give me are the guidelines that they understand. Their timelines are usually pretty accurate for my return to normal "life stuff" - groceries, driving, work, and regular day-to-day routine.

But to be able to return to running and training - that is a whole other beast.

I have recovered enough times to know that it always takes a lot longer than they bargain for. And I have recovered enough times to know that I would like this to be the last time for a while. I had a pretty frank discussion with my cardiologist this time around. And we have agreed for the time being, he doesn't want me to run anything longer than a Half. And we also agreed that my body is a bit of disaster at this point - there are a lot of muscle imbalances that require attention.

So I have been working slowly. I have been seeing a Physio. I have been easing back into training very cautiously over the past couple of months. And I have been trying to decide when I should race again. I briefly toyed with the idea of running the Chilly Half Marathon for fun. But I don't feel ready. And I doubt at this point it would all that fun. May seemed like a more realistic timeline, but what event should I do?

So I here I was humming and hahing about what kind of event I should train for, if any, and then I get a call from work.  (**Did I mention I have the best job ever?!**)
"Are you free May 15-17th? Do you want to go to Halifax and work the
The answer to my Race Prayers.

I am going, so I may as well run it, right?!
So this is what is next!

I am going to run the Bluenose Half. I am all registered! Which means hill training is on my agenda - the elevation looks a little wonky! I am definitely not expecting anything super magical in terms of time (Hello, 2 days on my feet at the Expo and a Hilly Course). But I am expecting to have a lot of fun. I have actually never run a "destination" race so this will be a first for me!

And I will be in Halifax for the long weekend. Are any of my bloggy friends planning on running this event? I would love to meet up while I am out there! So let me know!

Are you running the Bluenose?
Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,