Friday, 13 February 2015

Fitness Friday and #IHeartExercise Winner

Hey There Friends!

Happy Friday! I hope you guys are having a good week. I gotta admit, my week this week has not been so stellar.

Literally everyone I have encountered this week has either informed me how exhausted I look (*Which for the record is just a socially acceptable way to tell someone they look bad*) or asked me if I am pregnant. The answer to the latter is NO!

I realize a lot of questions are coming because we recently bought a house in the suburbs. But I am not pregnant. And all of the questions are starting to give me a body complex. Do I look exceptionally fat all of sudden? Should I skip this Valentine's Day chocolate? And it is starting to stress me out. So I kindly ask, that you stop asking me that!

You know me, I am generally an open book, so when I have something to tell you, I promise I will. So until then...

In other news I am out of town at the moment, and won't be home until late tonight. But I looking forward to a quiet weekend at home.

This week in Fitness...
Monday - 4km Run and 40min HIIT workout
Tuesday - 12km Treadmill Run at Goodlife with 3x 1km Repeats at 4:50km pace
Wednesday - REST DAY (since I apparently need it!)
Thursday - 7km with 5 sets of pick-ups
Friday - REST
Saturday - 10km Run
Sunday - 1:45min Cycle + 5km Run with 3Sports

And the Winner of last week's #IHeartExercise Giveaway is Kaella Carr! I sent you an email! So please email me back at so we can coordinate your prize!

Have a great weekend friends!
Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,