Monday, 2 February 2015

February Fitness Goals

Hello sweet friends!

So I must confess (*though I suspect you may have noticed*) I have been feeling a little helter skelter for the past couple of months. I am so used to my life constantly being at 6's and 7's that I don't always realize how much the stress of another surgery, the regular holiday craziness, along with the disorganization of the move was impacting me.

Last week it all hit me like a ton of bricks. I was exhausted. I may have had a *slight* tearful meltdown when my husband simply asked me to call the bank Wednesday morning. Not a request that warranted tears, but a clear sign that last few months had officially caught up to me. I slept for solid 12 hours on Sunday - and the world looks vastly different today!

We are finally settled in our new place. I spent Friday catching up on all of my paperwork. And after my sleeping binge last night, I officially got myself back on track.

So it is time to start getting back into a regular routine and making goals for the month ahead.

February Fitness Goals...

1. Increase my Weekly Mileage, slowly but surely

I calculated my monthly mileage for January last night. It was a 67 kilometers. And I am not going to lie, that number was kind of depressing.

Last year there would have been weeks where 67km was closer to my weekly mileage than my monthly. But I knew it was going to be a long road back. I have been rehabbing slowly since November 25th, but now my body is ready to start training seriously again. My goal is to slowly increase my mileage this month and get back into a more regular training schedule.

2. Up my Cycling Game

I have known for a while that my cycling skills are weak. The strength and power required on the bike is completely different from the run. And there is a whole lot of technical training and finesse that is part of cycling, that I know I do not possess. So one my goals this winter is to work on all of the above.

I joined a triathlon group - - for winter training support. I took my first Spin Class with them last Wednesday and got my butt kicked! I also learned a ton about proper gear shifting and pacing. This is definitely outside my comfort zone, but necessary if I want make improvements to my Triathlon game this season. So I got "Scotty" a regular parking spot and I am planning to go 1-2x a week schedule permitting!

3. Supplements and Protein Intake

I know my body is still healing, It is an obnoxious, but truthful fact, that I will probably spend the better part of 2015 trying to regain my strength and rebuild my fitness. Surgeries are annoying like that. And something I know all to much about.

So I know it is important to focus on increased protein as I attempt to rebuild my muscles. And I will do my best (*although I am always horrible at it*) to take my supplements on a daily basis to help fill in any holes in my nutrition.

4. Practice Better Self-Care

I regular preach the need for self-care, but as my previously mentioned tearful meltdown indicates, I don't always practice it. My main goals for this month is to ensure I get a regular 8 hours of sleep each night.

But I also want to set aside 15 minutes before bed for mindful meditation. I don't often take time to decompress properly at the end of the day - and as a result my sleep suffers. I am a restless sleeper -usually waking up anywhere from 3-5x each night. A cycle which my nutritionist informed me is a sign of high levels of cortisol. I have never tested my cortisol levels, but let's just say I would certainly not be surprised to learn that it has run a little high over the last few years. But with the start of a new month it is something I want to work on.

5. Implement a Regular Yoga Practice.

Yoga has always helped calm my mind, balance my body, and ground my training. One of the Goodlife Fitness locations in my new neighbourhood offers regular Hot Yoga classes. So my goal is attend 1 class/week to help me rest, reset, and improve my flexibility.

I feel like I am ready for challenge of a new month! What are your goals for February?

Love your Favourite (and finally rested) Darwinian Fail,