Monday, 9 February 2015

Adventures with Renos

I have been alluding to these "renovations" for the past few weeks. We spent the first part of January moving, painting, and doing renos at the new house. And I figured the easiest way to  explain what we were working on was to wait until it was all finished so I could show the whole picture. I knocked down a few things, I mudded some sheets of dry wall, and I painted - but all of the credit goes to our awesome friend/contractor Shane.

So here is what we have been up to!

The main living area in the new house required The house was built in the 60's so the layout did not exactly meet modern open-concept standards - cue too many walls and some dated archways. The living room was also rocking a full wall of built-in mirrors - circa Dance Studio Style. All that was missing was a barre and we could have held some serious fitness classes in the main room.

In Progress:
Luckily we have a super awesome and handy friend - Shane (with the help of his brother Robbie) - who was able to help up execute our renovation dream. Obviously the mirrors had to go - I think that goes without saying! And I wanted to open the living room into the dining room to increase the flow and light. Plus we wanted to square off the arches and create a half wall into the hall to really open up the space.

We learned that the previous owner had some interesting construction techniques - the picture above is the red wood paneling we found under the drywall. Basically he just built everything on top of everything else - there was no demo...EVER.

We also learned that this process was messy and so very dusty! I underestimated how much dust would be involved in the demo and the drywalling. They always make the process look so seamless on HGTV?! I may have hated the back and forth, but I was grateful to not have to live in the mess while everything was under construction.

The Finished Product:
The finished product exceeded my expectations! I definitely underestimated how much ripping down a couple walls would completely change the space.

I may also be just a little excited about "Adult" Furniture purchases (aka not hand-me-downs and not IKEA). We are still waiting on a lamp that we ordered. And I am trying to figure out exactly what I want to do for wall art. But I gotta say, I am pretty happy with the space so far.

Have you ever done home renos before? Any wall art suggestion for the back wall?

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,