Wednesday, 14 January 2015

#RealFoodRestart Challenge - 30 Day Sugar Detox

It is WIAW and I mentioned that last Friday I existed on Jube-Jubes and Chinese Food. And I would love to say that this was just a one off, but with the holidays (hello Christmas Cookies!) and our hectic schedule right now, this has become a more frequent than I would like. I am all for everything in moderation – a girl needs a glass of wine and some cookies from time to time – but my sugar binge has become an almost daily occurrence. (which isn't exactly moderation, now is it?!)

I reach for it when I am feeling frazzled – CHECK! It is often my go-to when I need an extra energy boost – DOUBLE CHECK! Plus I find the more sugar I eat the more I crave it – TRIPLE CHECK! So it is clearly time for a diet intervention.
I have started to notice the side effects of my fast-paced laissez-faire approach to my diet. My acid reflux has started to become a frequent visitor again. And I confess I have popping antacids way more than I should.  I have been experiencing regular migraines. And I have just generally been feeling kind of bloated and sluggish. These are pretty tell-tales signs that I have not been taking care of body the way I need to.

So for the next 30 days I want focus on making healthy changes, but keep things simple. I am a huge fan of Michael Pollen's approach to food. I have written about him a number of times on the blog, but I always find focusing on his food principles restore such balance for me. They are simple. They are realistic. And they are just true. So I am using him as a guideline for my 30 day Processed Sugar Detox.
1.       Focus on Real Whole Foods
Aka avoid food products containing ingredients that no ordinary human would keep in the pantry. (ie. Ethoxylated disglycerided, Ammonium Sulfate, etc.) There is definitely no need for that stuff in your diet. And you would be surprised how easily sugar creeps in, especially in processed foods. So avoiding things you can buy in boxes, packages, or bags generally means you are avoiding a lot of this extra stuff.

2.       Eat Mostly Plants, Especially Leaves
In countries where people eat a pound or more of vegetables and fruits a day, the rate of cancer is half what it is in North America. I think that stat kind of speaks for itself, and I have long been a fan of a plant based diet.

3.       Eat Your Colours
The colours of many vegetables reflect the different antioxidant phytochemicals they contain. So the more colours on your plate - the better your variety of vitamins and antioxidants.

4.       Eat when you are Hungry, not Bored.
I often eat for the taste of something (ahem, sugar), rather than because I am actually hungry. And when I am busy I am more likely to go too long between meals, and reach for something sugary as a quick blood sugar fix. So no more of that!

4 pretty simple rules, but I know they will have a big impact. I am going to be post recipes and updates here each week, along with a #RealFoodRestart link up each Wednesday. So if you have been feeling the same and are looking for a healthy way to kick off 2015, I would love to have you join in!

If you want to join…
·         You can share your journey on Social Media by using the hashtag #RealFoodRestart

·         You can link up and share your progress next week (and for the next 3 weeks) here on Wednesdays!

·         Prizes:  As an extra boost I am giving away 3 awesome #RealFoodRestart Books. I will chose of a winner from each weekly link-up!

               - Tosca Reno’s – The Eat Clean Diet for Family and Kids

               - Michael Moss - Salt, Sugar, Fat

               - Dr. Natasha Turner - The Carb Sensitivity Program
Happy Healthy Eating!!
Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,