Sunday, 18 January 2015

His and Hers Medal Rack

I have always had a crafty side. But living in an apartment kind of limits how crafty you can be. So now that we have a home, my craftiness cannot be TAMED!

I have been wanting to create a place for my Race Bibs and Medals for a while. Most of them are stuffed in drawers, tucked in gym bags, and just generally strewn all over the place. So creating His and Her Medal Racks was the first thing on my crafting agenda.

2 Wood Boards
1 Can of Chalk Board Spray Paint
Krazy Glue
1 metallic acrylic paint marker (I picked silver)
4 1 inch screws
8 3/4 inch screws
Personalized Letters
Screw Driver

1. Krazy Glue the Personalized Letter to the right side of the board.
2. Each Bib size is a little different so I took the average size and measured that distance across the top left corner. I screwed in 2x 1 inch screw. I used the hammer to get it started and then used the screw driver to secure the screw in place.
3. Secure the 4x smaller screws across the bottom of the board. I placed them approx. 1 inch apart.
4. Put a drop cloth down and spray the board with the Chalk Board Paint in a well ventilated area. The fumes were surprising strong!

5. Wait for the Chalk Board Paint to dry - approximately 90 minutes.
6. Use an acrylic marker to write your favourite race distances for the PR section on the board. By using the acrylic paint you don't have to worry about erasing the distance when you update your new times.
7. Add you Bibs and Medals. Mount it on the wall. And Enjoy!

Final Product: I really like how it turned out! It helps remind me how far I come on this running journey of mine. And because the board is painted in Chalk Board paint I can update my PRs and include quotes to help keep me motivated! I need to repaint the letters for my race distances, but otherwise they are all finished and mounted in our new office!

What do you guys think? Do you have somewhere to display your Race Bling? Do you have a Crafting To-Do List?

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,