Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Running Recap for 2014

If you asked me about my 2014 Race Season last week, I would have said it was a bit of an off year for me. For me 2014 was much more about healing, reorienting expectations, and restoring some lost balance, than it was about running.

But then I sat down to write this year of running review post and I found that maybe my perception was a little off.

I ran 9 races. And I set a new Half Marathon PR of 2:03:38 at the Chilly Half. And despite suffering my way through it, I also set a new 10km PR at the Yonge Street 10km with a time of 53:33. And I raised $4478 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation with the Happy Heart Project. So it wasn't exactly a bust.

When I started 2014 - I was in a dark place. I was still very much in the painful stages of grief. I was trying to navigate a new job and career. I had set lofty goal for my race season including a Half Iron Man and my 3rd Marathon.

But as the months rolled along I soon realized what I needed was to take a step back. In July/August  knew my body was not where it needed to be to tackle some of my race plans, and that was okay. Because mentally I needed the break to. I needed more time with my family. I needed more quiet time with myself. And I found myself slowing down and taking a deep breath for the first time in about 3 years. It felt good!

I still raced this year. I still trained. But I also spend a lot more time cultivating the other areas of my life as well. I started a new career that I love. I found a peaceful place for my grief. I traveled with my husband. I traveled for work. We took care of that pesky wire once and for all. We bought a house. And I turned 30.

2014 had some great running moments. But I think my perception is right - this year wasn't really about running. It was about a whole lot more. And that is the part I am most proud of.

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,