Monday, 22 December 2014

Home is Where Your Heart Is...and Mine is Moving

So you may have noticed that I have been a little MIA the last couple of weeks over here in Social Media Land. Things have been a little hectic behind the scenes around here.

<--- And that right there - is why!

We have officially bought a house! And we take possession on New Years Eve! Ahhhh!

Things have been extremely busy the past few weeks finalizing things on such a short timeline. So trying to work and balance the holiday madness with all this extra house stuff meant that the bloggy-blog didn't get a lot of love.

But now that I have signed on the dotted the line - I can breathe, tell you all about it, and confess that I HATED house hunting!

We looked for a little over 8 weeks, which I think by GTA (Greater Toronto Area for my US friends) standards is pretty good, but I was about ready to rip out my hair. The whole process made me feel crazy. So I am definitely happy it is over!

I am a HGTV-watching, Pinterest-loving, girl so I thought all of the possibilities presented while house hunting would be so fun. But what I forgot to account for, is that I am also a type-A maniac! So spending 3 days a week looking for housing unsuccessfully was never going to be something I enjoyed.

I like to feel at least moderately in control, and house hunting is more of a go-with-the-flow activity. I feel like if I am actively trying to find a home I should be making progress. That is not how it works. I also feel like if I make a good informed offer on a home a seller should want me to buy it. That is also not how it works. I also don't like wasting my time - and spending 5 hours on Saturday looking at a whole bunch of houses I don't like feels like a waste of my time. Plus you add in the fact that purchasing a home just has a whole bunch of emotional elements involved, and well, then you have a recipe for a Crazy Krysten.

In the end it has all worked out and I think in a rather serindipitious way...
- we saw this house on my 30th birthday
- and we will take possession of it just in time to start 2015
So it is my birthday, Christmas, and New Year gift all rolled into one! 30 is already off to a pretty amazing start!

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,

PS I warn you in advance there will home improvement, Reno, and decorating posts coming in 2015. It's all going to be part of latest Misadventures. So get ready!