Thursday, 6 November 2014

What`s Next - Goal Setting

This morning as you are reading this, I getting ready to head back into the OR (*my surgery is tomorrow*). This will be surgery 7, and my fourth visit in a little more than 2 years. To say that I sick of this situation is probably a grave understatement.

I am preparing for this surgery and this recovery differently. For the past few years I have always had my next great adventure planned out. I need to bounce back so I can run a marathon. I am signed up for a race in X number of weeks, so I gotta get back on track. I am always scheming and generally in a perpetual state of motion. It has helped me stay motivated and positive during recovery, but it has also probably been a source of unnecessary pressure.

So I am not doing that this time.

I have decided after this surgery, it is important to get back to basics. So instead of making any grand plans or sweeping declarations, I am just going to move forward slowly. Ease back into fitness and assess my goals and my body on more of a weekly/monthly basis. In a shocking turn of events I am not going to sign up for any races for 2015 until I feel like I am ready. (*I am just as surprised as you are, but perhaps I am growing as a human being*)

My Goals for November are...

1. Take 2 weeks off. 
The surgery that I am having done is extremely minor, so much so, that in my world it almost feels silly to call it a surgery. It is more of a non-surgery surgery. Normally there are movement/weight restrictions after one of these procedures, but not so this time.

So I have decided to impose my own guidelines (*in collaboration with my cardio team of course*). My surgery is tomorrow and I plan to go back to work on Wednesday. And then I will be taking 2 weeks off from any kind of exercise/fitness.The team suggested that I could start running again in 2 weeks if I wanted to, but my plan is to take things even slower than that (*See Goal 3*)

2. Start Physio and Focus on Strength
One of the things I have been discussing with my cardio team is my lack of muscle on my left side. Our exchange went a little something like this...

Surgeon: `` You Run, but you clearly don`t use any weight. You have almost no muscle on this side``
Me: ``Thanks Doc. Maybe you could stop cutting me open so often and I could work on that.``
Surgeon: ``Hmmm good point. But seriously we have to do something about this.``

Basically my cardiologist asked me ``If I even lift, bro``. It was a low moment but there is a lot of truth here. I have never done any kind of physio or focused strength training after my surgeries and the effects are starting to show. All of the trauma to my left side has done a real number on my body and those muscle have atrophied. So I have made an appointment at the Runner`s Academy this month to get assessed and start a rehab program.

3. Get a Gym Membership 
So I mentioned that I was given the green light to start running again after 2 weeks, but I want to take things slow. I want to ease into my rehab program, and use the gym to gently get back into cardio.

I am going to get a gym membership to Goodlife Fitness. I plan to focus on using the Elliptical, StairMaster, and the bike - this will help me rebuild my cardiovascular endurance but without the pounding that is involved with running. This will just be gentler way to restart my fitness routine. And will hopefully allow me to come back stronger and healthier. After I few weeks I can reassess and decide when I am ready to start running again.

Do you have any goals for November
Are you a ``Grand Planner`` or a ``Slow Processer``

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,

*This post was written as part of GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program, however all opinions expressed are my own*