Thursday, 27 November 2014

Surgery Update

Because this Pre-Op Look deserves a Selfie!
Well friends, despite being bumped by 2 weeks and having my OR time delayed by 3 hours on Tuesday, Surgery 7 is done and dusted.

I have done this enough times, that generally I don't get too fussed about these days anymore. And this particular surgery is more of a non-surgery-surgery.

One of my wires had displaced itself. You could see its outline fairly prominently just below my scar. It popped out very soon after my last surgery, but by the time I got to the OR on Tuesday I knew I was on borrowed time. My left side was almost constantly swollen. And the wire was only covered by a very thin layer of skin and dangerously close to breaking through. So I was just happy to get this all taken care of.

This surgery was especially different because it was just done under Local anesthetic. It sounds slightly unnerving, but it actually makes your healing time a lot faster. So this is probably the most alert I have ever been for a procedure. And I was lucky to have the Chief anesthesiologist in charge of my meds.

I have become a frequent visitor of the OR lately, and many of the doctors and nurses I see are folks that I have seen before. I spent the ride down to the OR laughing and chatting with the Anaesthesiologist - Dr. O'Leary is an extremely funny man. He explained that I would be fairly alert throughout the procedure, and that there may be a period time where it would feel a bit painful, because of the timing of the meds. He said just to let him know and he would sort it all out for me ASAP.

They gave me some drugs when I first got situated on the table. So I felt a little loopy immediately, but otherwise okay.

I have gotten into the habits of giving pep talks before my surgeries now. I like to remind them that I really don't want to come back, and that I have other life goals I am trying to accomplish.

So in my loopy state, under the drapes, I remember telling them that "I am trying to buy a house".
And that "my husband and I would like to start a family someday".
And that "I really hoped this would be my last visit for awhile".
I also remember saying, "that this is starting to not feel very good".
And then waking up 15 minutes later all stitched up and on my way to recovery.

It was one of the strangest experiences I have had, but I must confess I woke up feeling really good all things considered.

I am home now watching girlie movies, reading books, and searching for the perfect Christmas cookie recipe - feeling really lucky. The staff at Toronto General were amazing. And the most difficult part of the whole ordeal was having to wait an additional 6 hours for my second round of antibiotics (re: not difficult at all).

This particular surgery has been one of the most seamless OR experiences I have ever had. And I am hopeful (so very hopeful) that #7 will be lucky #7, and that I can spend a little less time at the hospital for a little while.

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,