Monday, 27 October 2014

Race Recap: Toronto Women's 5km

On Saturday I lined up to run my last race of the season. I signed up for the Toronto Women's 5km.

Next week in pre-op and the following Friday is Surgery #7 so I don't think I will be able to squeeze in any more races between now and then.

I love the Toronto Women's Series for all sorts of reasons, but the biggest is its focus on women encouraging other women. I am girls-girl to my very core, and I am pretty sure we could rule the world if we just chose to support one another. What can I say, I grew up as part of the Spice Girl Generation. It is Girl Power all day everyday.

Running is a sport that speaks to people of all ages, sizes, shapes, and abilities. But for some reason racing doesn't always do the same thing. Racing can be intimidating. And for a lot of people it feels like it is something reserved for "real runners". Nothing could be further from the truth (*hello I am out there!*), but I understand that feeling of intimidation because I have definitely felt it myself.

The Toronto Women's series is all about support, motivation, and embracing all this sport has to offer. So it was the ideal way to end my season.

I lined up with no real expectations. I was aiming to stay as close to 25min as my body would allow. I knew I would fall of that pace, but a 5:00/km was my ideal situation. I am stealing Christina's (aka The Athletarian) kilometer by kilometer break down for this one!

Kilometer 1: I feel awesome. Yeah body! You are killing it. You are running a sub-5:00/km pace. Keep this up and you will get a PR. Wouldn't that be awesome?

Kilometer 2: Still feeling good! But getting kind of thirsty. I should have had more water this morning. Hey Girl in the pink tank top! I am running with you! Lets do this!

Kilometer 3: Just joking girl in the pink tank top. You are way faster than me. And I am falling off the pace. My back is cramping up. Should I walk and stretch it out?

Kilometer 4: No walking. You have 2 more kilometers to go. Catch that girl in the black tee shirt. Once you are under this bridge and out the other side, give it all you got.

Kilometer 5: And...I don't have that much to give. Keep it together, ignore your sore body. Thank goodness that is the finish line! Just run across that mat and you can stop. Weeeeeeee! Done!

I finished 27:46 and crossed the line 67/412. It was a great way to end the season, and now I am ready for the OR.

Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,