Friday, 5 September 2014

5 Fabulous Things Friday

It is Friday, which means we are only hours away from enjoying another fabulous weekend. And I know I am definitely looking forward to it. So to celebrate I am sharing a few of my favourite fabulous things. I hope you all are having a great week!
1. Vancouver
It has been over 15 years since I was last on the West Coast, and I gotta say, I can see what all the fuss is about. It is absolutely gorgeous. You are constantly surrounded by mountains, the ocean, and amazing vistas.  And it is basically a Running Paradise! I was up bright and early every morning (because of the jet lag) so I would lace up my sneakers and run 5-10km along the Seawall. It was the best way to start the day. Plus the change of scenery definitely helped shake off some of the motivational cobwebs.
2. Internet Friends
Despite the fact that this may make me sound like a complete Wackadoo, I have met some amazing people from my computer. It is probably the best part of blogging. Every single person I saw this week while in Vancouver were all people I have met from this little blog – some old, some new, but all AWESOME. I had dinner dates, workout buddies, and great conversations all week. (*And apparently everyone who lives in Vancouver is tall...or I am just a midget...whatever...*)

The summer is winding down, but we still have a little more time to squeeze in some time by the lake. Finding a swimsuit is always a struggle. Let’s be honest, my chest is pretty mangled with scars, and robot hearts, and the whole double mastectomy thing. Which is not so noticeable in a sweater, but it is a whole other kettle of fish when it comes to bikinis. Enter Leonisa Swimwear, their suits are really cute and the bandeau style top is the right cut to help make me confident when hitting the beach.

4. HipS-sister
I have actually been using this a ton during my long runs lately. It has been humid around here the last few months, which means I have rocking shorts and tanks for all my training runs. The only problem is that is these things do not have a lot of pocket/storage space. Enter HipS-sister! It has a pocket in the front and the back, and it is really comfortable! It has be perfect for storing my phone, stocking gels, and even holding some cash for a post-run treat. It has been really handy!
      5. Wave Hitogamis
These are fast becoming one of my new favs and I am obsessed with the Green. I have been loving the Mizuno Hitogami for my shorter races and speed work. They are a traditional Japanese racing flat with a sleek low-slung ride. They are light (just 6.2 oz) and they have a really comfortable and flexible support. Plus I think the bright green helps you channel your inner speed demon. The Hitogamis and the Sayonaras are my go-to training duo!

Hope your Friday is Fabulous!
Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,