Monday, 18 August 2014

30km MidSummer's Night Run

Saturday night was the Midsummer Night's 30km, and my first race since my vacation. Admittedly, 30km was slightly ambitious, especially after several training weeks that were not exactly on point.

I have eased back into training, but I must confess I have been pretty lax about things. We have been busy with family. And I have been busy with work. Plus there is part of me has just been enjoying coasting. So I have been slacking a bit on the training side, missing a workout here and there, mostly my bike workouts. And I have really relaxed about my diet. Some of it has been stress-related, last week marked one year since losing my Dad. And some of it has just been summer-yummy-barbeque related. Either way, I went into Saturday's race knowing that it would end one of 2 ways...
1. I would run strong, and know that with more training I could seriously revise my Marathon goal pace, or
2. I would run average, and know that I have more work to do and the slacking had to end
Obviously the second option seemed most likely. But either way was fine with me. 

The race started at 5:30pm, so the timing was a little wonky. The race was starting when I usually get ready to have dinner, making fueling interesting. I spent most of day puttering around the house, eating carbs, and playing board games with the hubby. The weather was also a little wonky for an August evening. Saturday ended up being cold, windy, and rainy - making the course conditions less than ideal. But the race was all to raise funds for Sick Kids, so the energy was pretty high to start.

I started out next to the 3 hour pace group. I was hoping for 3 hours-ish, but was really planning to treat this like a really long race pace workout.

The first few kilometers flew by. I was hitting my goal pace, which was 5:50-6:00/km (or 9:23-9:39/mile).

My stomach started to feel a little off around kilometer 15. So I switched from my gels to water and gatorade. At kilometer 20km I ran off course and I was sick to my stomach. I got sick one more time at kilometer 23, and my pace really started to deteriorate. I kept pushing, but after being sick my electrolytes were out of whack, and my legs really started to shut down at 26km. I shuffled to the finish line at 3:19:58. Not exactly the time I had hoped, but considering the circumstances I was okay with it.

I met up with Jamie, who ran an amazing race finishing at 2:32:57, but he looked a little worse for wear. We had passed each other at one of the turn around points, and he had mentioned not feeling well. He had also gotten sick on the course, and was actually in much worst shape than I was.

After the race, I heard that a lot of people had gotten sick. I am not sure if that has to do with the weird timing of this event, or if the race rumor is true. Rumor has it, that the race used water from the fire hydrants/garden maintenance hose to provide water and mix up the gatorade, and that water is not purified for drinking. It would explain why so many us had stomach problems on course, but really sucks if it is true...

Ignoring the tummy troubles, I think this result still says that the slacking has to end. I definitely have work to do before the Toronto Waterfront Marathon, but I think with a little more motivation and consistency a PR might just be within my grasp.

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,