Wednesday, 14 May 2014

#WIAW - Celebration Season

It is WIAW and April always marks what I like to call "Celebration Season" around here. You know it is that time of year when every weekend seems to be a Birthday, BBQ, Wedding, Baby Shower, Cottage weekend, or a celebrations of some sort. And around here, celebrations always mean food, and generally in large quanities. This past weekend was no exception. I had a Baby Shower, Engagement Excitement (**Congrats Jess and Mike! So excited for you guys**), and Mother's Day x2.

I drank wine. I ate cheese. I had dessert. And I loved spending time with all the people I love. But by the time I got home Sunday night my stomach was bloated and angry. And my acid reflux was out of control. UGH! I know I have to be smart about my diet in order to manage the side-effects of my hietal hernia but it is tricky during Celebration Season. I generally just want to eat, drink, be merry, and throw dietary caution to the wind. But I inevitably end up paying for it later. I am still trying to find that balance that allows me to indulge from time to time, without reaking total havoc on my digestive system. Let's just call this a work in progress for now.

But in an effort to get back on track tummy-wise I am going to try to pay better attention to my diet. This is one of my new Favourite Salads. It is super easy to make. It is nutrient dense. And it is yummy!

Thai Carrot Zoodle Salad
This made enough for 3 portions - it fed both my hubby and I for dinner. And I had it for lunch the next day

2 zucchini (julienne)
2 carrots (julienne)
1 can of chick peas (drained)
3 bunched of Sea Kelp

1 tbsp Rice Wine Vinegar
1 tbsp coconut oil
2 tsp siracha hot sauce
1/2 tsp of lemon grass
1 tsp of giner (minced)
salt and pepper to taste

1. Julienne the Zucchini and the Carrots. I have this handy-dandy juilenne-er, which makes this salad super easy to prep. The truth is I kind of wanted a sprializer, because lets be honest sprialized veggies are pretty. But I opted for this because A) it was less expensive and B) it was easier to store and it basically does the same thing.
2. Roast the Chick Peas in a pan on the Stove until cooked through (approx 5 minutes)
3. Put all of the salad dressing ingredients into the blender and mix.
4. Toss everything in a bowl, and place the Sea Kelp on top. I found the Sea Kelp at Ambrosia Natural Foods. It has been something I have been wanted to incorporate into my diet for awhile now, and it did not disappoint. I used it on my salad, and then again the next day on top of my stirfry.
5. Serve and Eat Up!!

What are your go-to Clean Eats? 
Are you struggling with Celebration Season?
Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,