Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Triathlon Tools

One of the biggest differences I have noticed between Running vs Triathlon is all the Gear. Triathlon is a whole other beast and race day requires next-level organization. And to be honest, I am a complete noob, so I am just working on figuring it all out.

Last year when I tried triathlon, I really just pieced things together. I borrowed a bike from Christina (aka The Athletarian). I borrowed a wet-suit from my cousin. And the only thing I had that was actually my own  was a pair of speed laces and a my Moomotion Tri-Suit. But since Muskoka 70.3 is my major race event this year, I thought this year would be the year to start investing in some things.

So I have slowly (to space out the cost) but surely been accumulating Tri Gear for my upcoming race.
This is what I have put together so far...

1. Mizuno Lightning 2 Day Pack - So this is technically one of Mizuno's Volleyball bags, but I think it will work pretty well as a transition bag. It is really big and has a separate pocket in the bottom for wet gear post-race.
2. Mizuno Wave Hitogami - Last year I did most of my running in the Sayonaras - which I still love. But the Hitogami might be creeping up as my new favourites. They have a really nice tailored fit and they are really light (which I am hoping will help my tired legs when I get off the bike).
3. Speedo Goggles - I have had these for awhile, and I have no idea what kind they are, but they work.
4. 2XU G:2 Compression Tri Suit - Yep, I bought a one piece. And I am not entirely convinced I can pull it off, but a lot triathletes recommended the one-piece for the longer tri-distance because the fit is less likely to shift around and cause chaffing.
5. Giro Petra Cycling Shoes - Despite being completely terrified, I am trying to clip-in this year. Not 100% sure how that is going to go at this point, as I am hopelessly clumsy, but I am going to try.
6. SunSki Canada Polarized Sunglasses 
7. 2XU A:1 Active Wetsuit - This is a big change. I was sweating like crazy just trying to get this thing on, and it is heavy-duty with lots of neoprene and special water channels. Not sure if this will help my performance, but I know at the very least it will keep me warm when I brave the chilly Canadian waters in a few weeks.
8. Bontrager Solstice Helmet - I actually bought this last year, and it seemed to do the trick. Although it is clear I need it more now that I am clipping in (4 falls so far and counting)
9. 2 Towels - Use one to put my gear on, and one to dry off after the swim.
10. Lotus Sport Bra - During my first triathlon I tried to use the built in bra, but I did not find that very comfortable (particularly on the Run portion). So I will be prepared this time. I really love the way these bras fit, just enough support without swishing everything.
11. Reflective Race Number Belt - I found this was definitely necessary for easy transitions.

For all of you Triathlon-Regulars am I missing anything important? 
Any tips for prepping my transition area?

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,