Thursday, 8 May 2014

Time for a Random Life Update

Lately this little blog has been completely taken over by Race Recaps and the Happy Heart Project, which means there have been lots of other life-things going on behind the scenes. So I figured it was time for a Random Life Update.
The past couple of years have started to take their toll, because I found several hair greys over the past few months. I had a slight melt-down about it, but decided to just bite the bullet and get some highlights to cover it. I went and got a cut and colour last week. It is a lot lighter than I am used to, and I am undecided if I really like it. But I figure I will live with it for awhile. 

I found out last week that I get to go to St. Andrew By The Sea for Challenge St. Andrews with Polar Canada. And this little triathlon nerd is really excited.  They have quite a few big names coming – including Miranda Carfrae, Timothy O’Donnell, Simon Whitfield, and Chris Mccormick. I can’t wait to see the pros race, especially as I prep for my first iron-distance race. 

And it doesn't hurt that the location is absolutely gorgeous. Did I mention that I have the BEST Job EVER?! Because I am pretty sure I do! I actually fly back from my French Vaca at 4:30pm on July 3rd and fly out to New Brunswick a few hours later at 9:30pm. I am going to be CRAZY jet-lagged (Coffee will be my Friend), but it also going to be so fun. 
I think we might try to do the either 5km or 10km Beat the Tide event while we are there. How very New Brunswick right? And I am also going to try to squeeze in some whale watching on the Monday before I fly out if I can.

Weird Internet Things:
A few people have taken the photos from my blog and created fake online profiles. This is the weirdest online/blogging thing to happen to date. One was an online dating profile, and the other was a fake Facebook account. Both accounts were under different names, so I am not sure if it same person, or what? Someone found them and contacted me, so both of the accounts have been taken down now. But that was up there on the weirdness scale for me. 

Green Living Show:
I spoke at one of the panels at the Green Living Show a couple weeks back for Barefooters. We talked about the importance of self-care and recovery during a long training cycle.

Feelings and Food:
I spent a good chunk of April eating my feelings - more specifically eating sour patch kids and Easter chocolate. We are now officially heading into Triathlon season so my goal is to fuel my training and my body, rather than stress eating my feelings. It is a work in progress... Because I really like sour patch kids.

Long Weekend Plans:
A whole lot of nothing! Or rather I am planning on playing catch-up with my sleep, finishing some school things I am finalizing, and ideally squeeze in a couple bike rides OUTSIDE! (*still not the warmest here in Toronto*)

TV Shows:
Lately I have become obsessed with Orphan Black. If you are a sci-fi geek with a love of genetics, than this show will be right up your alley. I also have a major girl crush on Tatiana Maslany - so firece, so awesome. If you are looking for a DVD-athon to get hooked on, this is it!
And I think that pretty much covers most things right now!
Happy Thursday! What's going on your world?
Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,