Monday, 12 May 2014

#BESTFOOT - May Training Goals

After a whirl-wind April, May is looking much more relaxed. And we have officially entered Triathlon season. My next race is the Welland Triathlon on June 13th, which means the next month is going to be all about training. So what are my goals for the next month...

1. Make Cycling a FocusI think (I hope, I pray) that the weather is finally starting to warm up here in Toronto. Which means I can start focusing more on my bike.

I have taken my bike on a couple outdoor rides, and lets just say the learning curve has been steep. Clipping in and out on the trainer is a little different than clipping in and out on the road. I have taken a number of tumbles while learning how to navigate this new world of cycling. But I am starting to get the hang of things. And I hoping with more practice I will be confident and ready to rock the bike portion of my next event.

I must admit I don't love cycling in Toronto though. So for any of my local triathlon buddies where do you go to ride?

This is my weakest area, by a long shot, so I am hoping to dedicate some serious training time to the bike over the next few weeks. My goal is to do 2-3 rides a week.

2. Regular Yoga Classes and Strength Training

So when my schedule gets busy there are always 2 things that go - stretching and strength training.

I went to my first yoga class in close to a month last week, and boy did I feel it! My body was tight and craving some dedicated stretching. Last weeks class helped me realize how necessary yoga is for a successful training cycle.

And as I ease into a more dedicated training cycle, I want to make more of an effort to incorporate strength training. Ideally I want to do 2 workouts/week 1x Abs/Core 1x Booty.

3. Get back to Basics and off the Sugar Train
I definitely ate my feelings last month  - primarily in the form of Sour Patch Kids and Easter chocolate. It is also what I like to call "Celebration Season" around here, which means we are heading to a lot of parties, BBQs, showers, weddings, etc. And my tummy is raging this morning after my weekend away. BLAH!

This month I am just going to focus on fueling with real whole foods, and do my best to stay off the sugar wagon. (Always easier said than done). But I know I need to make diet more of a focus to help with recovery.

What are your training goals for the month?

Here's how last week went. It was a bit of a down week after all my racing last month, but I think I found my training mojo again. It was perfect.

Monday -Rest
Tuesday -7km Run
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - 60 min Hot Yoga + 5km Run
Friday- Rest
Saturday - 14km Run
Sunday - 18km Long Run

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