Sunday, 6 April 2014

#BESTFOOT - Harry's 5km Race Recap

Trying to be warm...I was not!
Saturday was the Harry's Spring Run Off. And of course because I was racing the temperature dropped the wind picked up. Seriously?! Story of my life so far this year. It was absolutely freezing...AGAIN!! And the wind was crazy...AGAIN!!!

I talked about my Heart Rate strategy with my coach. She agreed that she wanted me to push hard, but not all out race. I am racing again next weekend and running the Yonge Street 10km. There is just 7 days between races, so one has to be an A race and one has to get B status. As coach likes to remind me, you can't PR every race - it will empty you. So Saturday was about pushing hard, but racing smart. Harry's was my B race.

I started out strong and finish my 1st kilometer at 4:57. I was feeling good. The wind made steadying my breathing difficult and my body was really tense. Michelle jumped on the course to run with me and to take pictures like the amazing little nutbar that she is. She kept telling me to shake it out and relax, but I don't think I was extremely successful.

5km are an interesting beast for someone that typically does longer distances. You are at the halfway point before you even get to the 3rd song on your playlist. And then before you know it people are yelling at you that there is just 1 km to go. It happens in a heart beat.

Harry's is notoriously hilly. But I felt strong and maintained my pace for the first 3.5km. My pace dropped off a bit in the final 1.5km. The hills started to take the wind out of sails and my quads were getting angry. I finished with an official time of 26:31. Michelle captured my whole adventure with her Go-Pro and put together this little race video!

I ended up placing 11/139 for my category (F 25-29), so close to a top 10 finished. Which is all kinds of crazy?! Who am I?! I ran the course a 1:37 faster than last year, and I know I had a lot more to give. My average heart rate was 167 bpm (or 84%). And I maxed out - probably on the hill - at 174 bpm (or 87%). I never even made it into Zone 5.Which means I am ready to go hard next weekend. Next week will be the true Heart Rate Training test, and I am gunning for a fast time.

It was a great run. And the whole family ended up rocking it. The Hubby finished 22nd overall with a blazing fast time of 20:02. And my Father-In-Law celebrated his Run-iversary by finishing 28:02. Everyone improved their times significantly over last year's performance. So it was definitely time to celebrate with a delicious over-sized breakfast!

How did your week go?
Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,