Monday, 28 April 2014

#BESTFOOT - 61km for 61 years Recap

So first all I want to say THANK YOU!
Thank you to everyone who has donated to the Happy Heart Project so far. Thank you to everyone who ran last week. And thank you to everyone who took the time to send me some love and support on Tuesday during my 61km triathlon for my Dad. At last check the Happy Heart Project had raised $4115.00 in online donations and an additional $300 in cash donations, bringing our Fundraising Total to $4415.00.

My Transition Area
Holy Moley friends! This has far exceeded my expectations. And I have been blown away by the amazing love and support of this entire community.

Tuesday was a really hard day, but seeing all of your pictures this week, having the opportunity to talk about heart health, and reading all of your words of encouragement as I tackled 61km helped lift me up. I am just finalizing the prize list and sending out emails today, so check back tomorrow to see if you are chosen as one of the 35 prize winners!!

I had a lot of people offer to do the whole distance with me. I also had people offer to join me for various legs of Tuesday’s route (**Thank You Friends – You know who you are**). And while I did decide to meet-up with my hubby and my Run Club for the Run portion of my journey, I wanted to spend the majority of it alone. This was kind of personal mission, and I really just wanted to spend the day by myself, reflecting, grieving, and healing.

Since I was going to be on my own I took my bike in for a quick tune up and loaded up my car with tons of gear. My SUV was going to act as my transition area. This did make for some awkward logistics, so I did not track my transitions. Let’s break things down shall we…  

1km Swim 
I went to my local Goodlife for the swim portion of my triathlon. I admittedly felt overwhelmed as I climbed into the pool, but I quickly found my rhythm. My breathing evened out and I powered through my swim. As always I feel at home in the water, and I was amazed at how quickly the meters flew by.

I finished the swim in 21:15

52km Bike 
So my original plan was to do a 55km bike loop, but the bike did not go as smoothly as the swim. I started out feeling good, but traffic was pretty heavy as I made my way down to the Lakeshore and the water-front trails. When I started out the sun was out, and the temperature was pretty good (14C), but things started to change pretty quickly in that department.

The wind really picked up and the temperature dropped steadily as I made my way to the half-way point. At 26km I took a bit of a tumble. My clip came loose and got stuck in my pedal when I tried to unclip. So I found myself slowly tipping over into a pile of mud and leaves. Luckily that meant I had a soft landing, but I lost one of screws to my clip and I forgot my Allen Key, so there was no way I could reattach it.

I made the decision to turn back at that point, and tack the extra mileage on to my run. I was freezing, and I knew I would still be able to easily finish my 61km.

I finished my bike at 2:05:46 with an average pace of 26km/h 

8km Run 
I finished the bike at my local Running Room where I had made plans to meet-up with my Run Club, my Hubby, and anyone else who wanted to tag along. I was absolutely shivering when I finally rolled up, so I ended up putting 2 additional sweatshirts while we waiting for the crew. My Mom also decided to come up and meet us before the run.

The group all went out together at 6:45pm. Everyone else was going to be doing their regular speed/tempo training, but the hubby and I were just opting for a casual 8km. Despite being cold I was feeling pretty good for the majority of my run. We kept an average easy pace of 6:22/km (10:15/mile). The quads started to tighten up around 6km, but it was all pretty manageable.

We mapped our run route perfectly and we finished back at the Running Room at exactly 8.13km in 51:52. 

I wrapped up my personal triathlon and my 61km in 3:19:01 

We met back up with my Mom and celebrated with a glass of red wine and thin crust pizza. We toasted to Dad and had chuckle about how embarrassed he would be about today – he didn’t like anyone to make a fuss about his birthday. (*sorry Dad I had to do it*)

As expected Tuesday was hard, but I felt him with me all day. And I ended my route feeling restored in a way that I have not in a long time.

Happy Birthday Dad. Love
Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,


  1. It's amazing that you were able to put a positive spin on a day that is so difficult for you. You are incredible!

  2. I love the way you chose to celebrate! And that is an incredible amount of money raised- so awesome!

  3. Sending you so much love!! I think this was a beautiful way to honor him and make the day something you could celebrate! Congrats on awesome fundraising.

  4. Congratulations Krysten - on your fundraising and on completing this personal challenge you set for yourself. I have chills just reading about it and I know your dad is super proud of you (as am I!) <3

  5. Well done! I was proud to be a part of your race. Ran the fastest 5km so far this year and thought about my families brushes with heart issue while running.

  6. Great job on a tough day! :)

  7. <3 so much love for you and I'm so proud of all the awesome fundraising you're doing :)

  8. Great idea. I am sure your dad would have been proud.

  9. Great work! It's great that you are putting a positive spin on a tough day! :)

  10. You are incredible! Congrats on your personal triathlon for your dad! I am inspired by you and love following your adventures with tri. This is my next new goal. I am intimidated but excited to try my first tri this summer/fall!
    Keep up the awesome work!

  11. I love love LOVE this! Congrats on a great day!!

  12. I think you chose an amazing way to honour your dad.

  13. Congratulations on your fundraising! I just love how you honored your Dad by raising awareness and making this tough day a special one for you. Great job on your tri!

  14. You rock so hard girlie! Dad is smiling I'm sure!

  15. Awesome!
    You must be so happy with the amount you were able to raise.
    And I am so glad to have been a part of it.
    You are such an inspiration
    Coffee soon?

  16. Ummm, you're amazing. But we all already knew that, didn't we? ;) I bet that wine and pizza really hit the spot after all that!!

  17. I love how you choose to approach such a difficult day.

  18. Congratulations, you did an awesome job! So happy that you've been able to get so many donations and support.

  19. So sweet. Congratulations on all your amazing accomplishments! #bestfoot

  20. this is so inspiring friend! great job!! i so wish i could have been there with you all!!

  21. I read this with tears in my eyes. I lost my dad to a heart attack last June and I'm about to run my first half marathon in less than two weeks; I'm fundraising for the Heart and Stroke Foundation in his memory (he had two strokes in his life too so I can't imagine a better charity to help). I think your personal triathalon was absolutely beautiful. Your dad might have been a tad embarrassed by the attention but I'll bet he would have been honoured too.

    Just found your blog a couple of weeks ago, loving it so much.