Friday, 11 April 2014

Ask Me Anything - Happy Heart 5km

Hey There Friends!!
So as we creep closer to the Happy Heart 5km I wanted to update you all, and answer some of the questions I have been getting!! So today's Ask Me Anything is all things Happy Heart 5km Related.

We are currently up to 33 prizes! We have had some extra additions since I announced my initiative a couple weeks back. So here is our updated Prize List

That is a whole lot of AWESOME swag!! So you know you wanna join!

Sign-Up Deadline:
You have up until April 25th to register and complete your run. To register please donate $20 to my fundraising page. (<--- you can click this link or the Happy Heart button on the right side of page)

Registration and Entries:

Once you have made your donation you name is automatically entered into my Rafflecopter Giveaway app for 3 entries in the draw for prizes.

A printable online Bib will be available here on April 18th! You are all welcome to print it out at home and Rock It during your 5km. (Perfect addition to your Instagram Selfies)

You can visit my blog anytime between April 22nd-April 27th to gain additional entries for the draw! You can gain Extra Entries by...
  • Tweeting about your Run
  • Sharing about it on Facebook
  • And posting your pictures on Instagram
Everyone is encouraged to use the Hashtag #HappyHeart5km so we can all link up and encourage each other!

Local Happy Heart Meet-Up:
For those of you in the GTA that would like to meet-up and run with me on Tuesday April 22nd. I will be finishing the bike portion of my route  at the Yonge Street Running Room and heading out on my Run at 6:30pm. Everyone is Welcome! I warn you in advance I will likely be a hot mess of emotions and exhaustion - so tears will likely be shed, but as long as you don't mind company is welcome.

Hope you can all come run with me!
Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,