Saturday, 1 March 2014

Race Prep and Must Haves

So... It's Saturday. And it's Saturday before my first distance race of 2014. Which means I will be eating carbs, drinking water, and going to bed at 9pm like a grandma. It also means I had some extra time to write a rare weekend blog post! Which I am sure very few people read because you all probably have much more exciting Saturday plans. But I am gonna publish it anyways!

I always get asked questions about winter running - mostly surrounding what the heck I wear to stay warm. So I thought I would share what I have  set out for my half marathon tomorrow. The forecast is freezing - aka story of my life this winter - so layering and breath thermo are required.

1. Mizuno DryLite Colt Sport Bra 
So my whole chest is bionic - part robot heart/ part implant - which means I don't need a ton of support. In fact I have couple bras that really squish everything, and it just uncomfortable. This give me the support I need and fits really nicely. I have 2 of these and they are on regular rotation.

2. Nike Base Layer
I tried to find a link for this, but I have had this base layer for approx 5 years so...its a little out of date. I like the high neck and how snug it fits to my body. So even though it is old, I am gonna keep rocking it.

3. Mizuno Breath Thermo Wind Top
This is kind of a hybrid jacket/mid layer, which means I am actually able to get away with one less layer. This probably one of favourite discoveries for 2014. It is really warm and I love how fitted and streamlined the design is - perfect for racing!

4. Wave Sayonara
These are my go-to shoes! I made the switch over to the Sayonara from the Inspires last year, and I am still crazy about them. They are light, fast, and fabulous! So I will be racing in them this weekend.

5. Mizuno Breath Thermo Layered Tight
The Breath Thermo Tech in these make them ideal for winter running and racing. They keep my legs warm and comfortable, but without a lot of bulky layers.

6. 3 Clif Bar Shots
I am packing 3 clif bar shots, including 1 with caffiene. I will probably take 1 just before the race begins, and then 1 every 7km to keep my blood sugar level on the course. The chocolate flavor holds up really well in the cold - it actually tastes like pudding!

7. Sunski Glasses
I am not sure how sunny it will be on race day, but it does sound like it will be windy. So I plan on rocking my shade if for no other reason than for protection from the elements.

8. Roxy Toque, Buff, and Gloves
These are all cold weather accessories that I run with regularly. And with the weather man calling for -14C and a windchill...I am gonna need these.

9. Ipod and Polar V800
These are my techy must-haves. My Ipod is stocked with new music and my race playlist is ready. I will also be rocking my new Polar V800 GPS. I just got this unit on Tuesday, so it really new. But I am already obsessed. It has so many features and offers so much data. I am really excited to race with it this weekend and get all kinds of geeky training information (*PS I will do a full review when I have had the chance to use it more*)

10. Compression Socks
So these obviously help with warmth, but they also help with circulation over the longer distances.

So those are my top 10 Race Day Must-Haves. I am off to put my feet up and get caught up on Game of Thrones. Fingers Crossed for a good race day tomorrow!

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,

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