Monday, 31 March 2014

#BESTFOOT - Prepping for a 5km

I am running a 5km this coming Saturday. I am signed up for Harry's Spring Run Off. This is actually the third time I am doing this course. I ran it as one of my very first races in 2011. And I ran it last year at just 9 weeks post-op. So I am excited to go back and tackle the infamous hill for a 3rd time.

5km's are kind of outside of my comfort zone. I am not exactly a speed demon, so I tend to gravitate towards distances that focus more on endurance. But one of my goal for 2014 is to push myself - and ideally increase both speed and strength.

I am taking a slightly different approach to my race day strategy this time around. I have recently found myself running strong - but second guessing my ability when I look at my pace. I feel good, but then the numbers seem too fast, and I slow down. I have always struggled with my cardiovascular fitness, so I often second guess my ability to maintain a faster pace. But when I look back at my data my heart is preforming well, even during my faster intervals. Which means I have second guessing myself unnecessarily.

So on Saturday I am going to take pace out of the equation. I am going to run to effort instead. I will only be tracking my Heart Rate during the race. And my goal is to spend the race entire 5km in Zone 5 (aka working at 90% of my cardiovascular effort), and see what happens.

This is a big time experiment so I am not going to put any time predictions on this one. I am just see what happens!

Have you guys ever done this? Run without a watch? 
Or just run with Heart Rate?

Last Week's Training...
Monday - 2 hours of Bouldering
Tuesday - 11km Speed Workout with my Run Club
Wednesday - 1500m Swim
Thursday - Tummy Troubles, so opted for a rest day
Friday - An easy 17km
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - 30km Long Run and helping my Brother-In-Law and my Soon-to-be-Sister-In-Law move