Sunday, 9 March 2014

#BESTFOOT and A Progress Pic Debate

Alright, so this post ended up getting kind of long...I haven't blogged since last week so I got long winded! Sorry and bear with me!

I have never really purposefully set out to take Progress Pictures before, but it seems like a lot of people swear by them. And they are an interesting way to be able to track your progress, and potentially see changes that you might not notice looking in the mirror on a day-to-day basis.

So I took a set of pictures last month and then a set of pictures last week, in the same clothes in the same spot. They are probably only about 3 weeks apart. But these picture raised some questions around my household - specifically between my hubby and I.

I wanted to take the pictures as a way to track my progress over the next 6 months - no serious objectives, just to see what Ironman 70.3 training would do to change my body. But my hubby questioned if health, strength, and training were really the focus of this sort of post. Or if it immediately  became about appearance and size because of the nature of these pictures?

I thought about it for awhile and I must admit I was conflicted on this one. I have generally shied about from sharing numbers and stats, because I have always wanted my focus to be on health and the journey. And I have personally found that the scale and size were detrimental to my journey  in the past. This this is not a lifestyle I believe in or a culture I want to be part of perpetuating. So discussing my numbers is something I have done very carefully.

But training for an event like this requires a certain level of commitment, strength, and dedication. It is this spirit that I want to capture with my monthly update.

So I have decided to leave my first set of progress pictures in this post, and to open the debate up to you guys. Leave me a comment below or visit my Facebook page (we are already discussing it over there) and let me know what you think. Should I document my stats and share progress pictures? Or should I just talk about training, strength, and conditioning?

Body Stats...
Weight: 113 lbs
Body Fat: 19%

I am down 3lbs and have lost 1% body fat since I last weighed in. Generally I don't notice much of difference, but maybe things are a little more defined...I don't know...

Goals for March:
I am trying to focus a bit more on my nutrition. I was really on point with my diet pre-marathon, so I know I need to get back to that. But I has deep fried pickles and a donut for dinner on Saturday. And always celebrate post race with Chicken Wings and bag of Sour Patch Kids... So let's just call that a work in progress. I know I need to be more discipline with where I am getting my calories during training, so I will try to limit my candy/junkfood intake to post-race celebrations only this month.

Conditioning Stats...
Strength: Cardio Endurance
Weakness: Chest and Glutes

I gotta say the side profile and my booty kind of caught me off guard. My glutes were flagged during my body composition as a weak point for me. And judging by my starting pic I think we can see why - can you say "flat runner butt". I took this set of pictures 3 weeks apart, and I was personally surprised by the changes I have made in the glute department. I started following Tamara Grand's Ultimate Booty Workout to target my butt last month. I started Phase 1 and have been doing the routine 1-2x a week with my regular training. I personally had not noticed a difference until I saw these pictures. Clearly my glutes are getting stronger.
Goals for March:
Continue with The Ultimate Booty Work, and move on to Phase 2.

I do think my posture has improved a bit as well. I have been stooping quite bit following my surgery to compensate for my weak chest. So I am working on strengthening my chest and core. It is definitely still one of my weakest areas. I will be doing weekly Yoga and Pilates sessions to help focus on my alignment and to target these weak points.

Performance Stats...
Half Marathon: 2:03:38

So last week I improved my Half Marathon time by 7 minutes. And I was pretty happy with my results considering the conditions were not ideal. But this is still not where I want to be. I want to strive for sub-2, with my ideal time being closer to a 1:50 finish. I realize that 1:50 is ambitious (and it might not happen this year), but a girl can dream.

Goals for March:
I want to increase my overall mileage this month and continue to work on my speed. My next half isn't until May so I have time to get my body to where I need it to be.

Join the Progress Picture Debate? Yay or Nay?

Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,