Thursday, 27 February 2014

Zico Yoga Toronto

I got an email inviting me to a media event for Zico Canada. It promised an Olympian, Jock Yoga, and Coconutty Goodness - I would be crazy to say no right?!

I met up with the adorable Morgan and the lovely Jess as the event kicked off. We all got cute motivational tanks to wear for our Jock Yoga session. I picked the quote "All it takes is all you got" - which I thought was apt for my Ironman Journey.

We met up with Canadian Silver Medalist Kelsey Serwa. She had just flown in from Sochi the night before. She was extremely gracious and inspiring. She has overcome a laundry list of injuries to come back and triumph at this year's Olympics. I just want to bottle up her determination and dedication so I can sip it when I am feeling lazy.

Super Embarrassing Confession for the Week: while experiencing Olympic fever I may have spent way to much time on the Internet to see if my heart condition qualifies me to be a Paralympian... It doesn't... I will just have settle for being an average runner with a robot heart (*decidedly less glamorous*). And this will be the closest I get to a Silver Medal. (*Sigh...Sad Panda*)

Micheal DeCorte aka Jock Yoga Guy put us through our paces. He gave my arms a serious workout and his running commentary had me in stitches for the entire class. I also conquered Crane Pose for the first time. This is a pose that I have been working on for awhile, but something about the way Micheal explained it made it click for me. I can't hold it for very long, but progress is progress, right?!

After getting our butt kicked, we rehydrated with some seriously delicious coconut based smoothies. I had the mint line detox, which was really fresh and yummy.

Mint Lime Detox:
1/2 cup Zico Original Coconut Water
1/2 cup ice
1.5 Banana
1 orange, peeled
3 mint sprigs (just leaves)
1/2 lime, peeled
1/2 cup spinach

The recipe makes 2 cups. And it definitely hit the spot after my workout, so I will be trying to recreate it.
All in all I would say it was a pretty AWESOME way to spend my Wednesday night!

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,