Wednesday, 19 February 2014

#ThriveEnergy Cookbook Launch

So it is a well known running joke around my house that I have notoriously bad taste in Sports Heroes... Lance...Oscar Pistorius...(*face to palm*). I am kind of 0/2 in this department. So when I got invited to the Thrive Energy Cookbook  launch I was kind of nervous - would my Triathlon Hero live up to the hype?

I have been reading Brendan's books for years, and have long been on the Vega , plant-based eating, bandwagon. In truth, even my January Vegan Challenge was inspired by his philosophies and triathlon training results. Admittedly, the expectations were high. (*No Pressure Brendan*)

I met up with Christina and Angela at the new YYoga Studio and commenced our crazy blogger social media fest! The event was catered by Thrive Juice Bar and the owner Johnnie who helped create the amazing recipes in the new cookbook. Eating was probably the part I was most looking forward to, because with my new Ironman 70.3 training schedule my hunger just won't quit. So I have got a sneak peak of this yummy-ness for WIAW. Johnny made 2 main dishes - vegan pad thai and falafel with quinoa salad. (*I may have had both!*).

They were also serving 2 different kind of fresh juices, shots of wheatgrass, veggie spring rolls, almond butter chocolate cups, and Vega hydrator. My tastebuds and tummy were really happy. And I have already marked the Pad Thai Sauce for my Sunday Meal Prep - I am probably going to put it on everything next week.

We did our typical social media thing - chatted, took photos, laughed our faces off, and waited around like little stalkers to the bitter end of the event to have our books signed and to take photos with the man of the hour.
Brendan was incredibly nice and managed to handle our sass and crazy antics with grace. It was very cool to be able to finally meet the person whose books I have been reading for so long.  His new book has some seriously stunning food photos and the recipes look amazing. I also like how it includes a mock up of an Athletic Meal Plan for all of us budding triathletes. My faith in my Sports Heroes has been restored! Now I just need to convince Brendan to teach me all of his triathlon training tricks and we will be all set.

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,