Thursday, 20 February 2014

Long Weekend Loving

This past weekend was Valentines Day, and we had a long weekend here in Toronto. I have had a very busy start to 2014, so an extra day off was exactly what I needed. As always slowing down and being present is a work in progress. Finding a balance while being back at work full-time, finishing school, and training for Muskoka 70.3, has been a struggle. So this weekend was exactly what my little soul needed.

I kicked off my weekend with my hubby. Jamie had agreed to take his first yoga class and join my Happy Heart Project for Valentine’s Day this year. So we met up at Imprint Pilates after work, and set out on a quick 5km run with the group. We had a good pace going and it was nice to catch up this way after a long week. My body was feeling this week’s training though, so I was ready for a good stretch.  I think it is safe to say that yoga isn’t exactly Jamie’s things, but I think we had fun anyways.
 And then we capped off our Valentine’s Day at home with Pizza and Beer. It is all about balance, right?!

Saturday was a full on rest day. I snuggled with my puppy. I watched the Olympics. I read Hemingway. We went to the dog park. We played board games and watched Sherlock. And we just generally had a nice quiet day at home. I must confess it was PERFECT. I needed a quiet guilt-free day like this in the worst way!

It was all about the Long Run today – 29km to be exact. I woke up, looked at the weather, and was immediately not thrilled at the prospect. But I tried my best to suck it up anyways. Despite my reservations the hubby and I ended up having a GREAT run together. I have been a bit of a cranky-pants on my long runs lately - the cold, the crappy footing, and the gross weather - has all made me pretty miserable. But we did a new route down by the waterfront, and the route was nice and clear. Plus we decided to end at St Lawrence Market. The promise of bacon sandwiches helped keep me going, and it was delicious as advertised! All long runs should end with something delicious I think.

We met up for a Family Day dinner with the Bishop clan later that night. And I was totally shocked when my future sister-in-law popped this question.(**how cute is this proposal?!**)
(*swoon*) I am so excited for wedding! And incredibly honoured to be a Bridesmaid!

All and all I would say it was pretty spectacular weekend. Spending time with the people you love definitely helps rejuvenate the soul. And slowing down a little bit is good thing - sometimes I need the reminder.

How did you spend the weekend? Was it a long weekend in your neck of the woods too?

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,


  1. Bloody love Sherlock! Watched the season 1 and 2 in a day! A DAY! Whoops! :) Reading this post whilst in class (double whoops) and my fellow student dietitians have just been swooning over your pooch! Too cute! :)

  2. I sounds like a perfect weekend!!!!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! You and the hubby are such a cute couple. My long weekend was great - saw some friends, did some blog work (which doesn't sound super fun but it was!), went to Thrive, and had some great workouts. No complaining here - I just want Saturday to come so I can do it all again! :)

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! Ours wasn't great, dealing with some tough family times, but we were able to go to a dinner, just Nick, the toddler and I.

  5. We all need down time & days when we do nothing but do nothing. With all you have on your plate, know that you deserve this 1 day a week for sure!!! :)

  6. Sounds perfect. We really shouldn't let ourselves feel so guilty for just relaxing and enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

  7. Not a long weekend for me, I work at a university and we work on Pres. Day and then we get the day after thanksgiving off as a 'free' day. It's worth it.
    It was a productive weekend here!

  8. I'm having a slow day today and I totally need it … I'd say we all need to do it more often!

  9. Hey Krysten!
    I just posted the chronicle of my long weekend too!
    Sounds like we both did some eating, training, and catching up with friends!! I needed it too!

  10. Amazing 0 can we have long weekends every weekend?

  11. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend!
    I'd love to have a yoga and running partner. One day.. one day.. ;)
    A bacon sandwich? I'd run for that.

  12. My long weekend was definitely not as interesting as yours- but I am hoping to try to recreate some down time this weekend. It is always good to recharge.

  13. Sounds like a lovely weekend. Ours ended up being a 5 day weekend thanks to snow (and I have two kids), so it was anything but quiet...