Thursday, 13 February 2014

Goal #8 - The Vacation

So last month I published a list of my top 14 goals for 2014 - #8 was a much needed and long overdue vacation with my hubby. We have been going back and forth about possible locations and itineraries for months now. But after much debate and research on my husband's part, I think we have finally settled on our dream destination...

We are jetting of to France for 16 days in June.

(*swoon*) I am over the moon excited, and it is just 124 days away. Spring cannot come soon enough!

We are flying into Paris and heading west to Dinan in Brittnay to start off the trip. Then we will head back to Paris to absorb as much art and culture as possible, before we head to beautiful Lake Annecy to round out our trip. I plan to relish in every moment! I want to eat cheese and escargot. I want to drink wine. I want to absorb art like a sponge. I want to run through the alps. And more than anything I want to just enjoy spending some quality time with my husband - because we made it!

Our world has been on pause for the last couple of years. So much has happened, and I have just been barely hanging on. When I find myself thinking back on all that has happened, the weight of it overwhelms me. I have been muddling my way through waves of stress and grief, just struggling to keep it all together. So it is no surprise that we have been existing in survival-mode - focused on trying to make it over the next big hurtle - without being able to imagine moving forward.

I cannot the remember the last time I was giddy with excitement, the way I am for this trip. It has been a long time since we last talked about our future and were able to see the light. But today I see it. Today we get to move forward. And I could not be more grateful.

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,