Sunday, 9 February 2014

#Bestfoot - Winter, Winter, and more Winter!

Okay, so I know I am Canadian. And winter is winter. But I think this latest blast of winter weather broke me. We got another foot of snow this past Wednesday and my initial reaction was to put on my PJs, stock up on the carbs, and hibernate until Spring. I mean, seriously?! (**puppy snuggles look much more appealing, right?!**)

I am so over the snow and the cold it is not even funny. I have decided that I should probably move to Hawaii, or Spain, or something - because this is just crazy. I am 4 weeks away from next Half Marathon, and I am not sure that my training has been strong enough to get the time I am hoping for (*sub-2 hrs*). My legs have been taking a serious beating, and I had shin-splints for the first time ever during my treadmill run on Thursday night. The run itself - SUCKED! But I am trying to remember that consistency is key, so some days you just gotta get it done. Which means despite the snow messing with my feng-shui, I need to stick to my training plan. This week was less than stellar. But I know I need to get serious over the next few weeks if I want to make this happen.

#BESTFOOT things I am going to do differently over the next 4 weeks...
1. Embrace the treadmill! 
So I have always been the type to want to tough it out in any kind of weather, but this winter has really put me to the test. With the treacherous footing and less than stellar roads conditions, speed work is only going to happen on the treadmill or indoor track. So I must find my treadmill zen, and get those speed sessions done.

2. Stretch More!
My calves have been on fire all week. And my hamstrings are crazy tight (even tighter than usual). So I need to spend more time stretching. I always rush through this part of my cool-down. Or in truth, often skip it all together because I am running behind or just being lazy. But after last week's Happy Heart Yoga Session I realized how much my body needs the chance the stretch and balance back out.

4. Incorporate Strength
Okay so it is no secret that I am a Cardio Queen. I spend pretty  much all of my time focusing on the 3 triathlon disciplines - swim, bike, run. Which means I am almost never hit the weights. But I had a full body composition done on Friday to assess my strengths and weakness, and to get a sense of my starting stats. It turns out my chest and glutes need work. The chest was no surprise - it has taken a serious beating over the last couple of years. But the glutes were not even on my radar. So my goal is to incorporate 2x strength session per week for the next 4 weeks.

This Week's Training...
Monday - Rest Day
Tuesday - 7.25km run with 5x 650m Hill Repeats
Wednesday - Snow-apocalypse
Thursday - 10km Treadmill Run (it sucked)
Friday - 5km Treadmill Run and Body Composition Assessment in the AM
           - 4.5km run followed by 45min yoga-pilates class in the PM
Saturday - 45 min on the indoor trainer
Sunday - 24km long slow run

How are you all surviving winter training? 
Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,