Monday, 24 February 2014

#Bestfoot - Travel Training Sabotage

I was in Montreal last week for work. And despite my best intentions, travel is kind of Training Sabotage. There were a few things I did wrong, but I definitely learned some good lessons.

Meal Planning...
This probably the most difficult part of being away. We were really spoiled - catered breakfasts, buffet lunches, and then a delicious 4 course dinner out. It was all extremely yummy, but I ate a lot of things that I would normally avoid. Lately my stomach has been on point, so I have gotten fairly lax about my diet. But after a week away with sugar, diary, and red meat - I remember why I generally chose to avoid those things and why I can't eat like that anymore. My acid reflux was out of control by the end of my visit (and of course I forgot to pack my antacids). And with my tummy in turmoil the rest of my training suffered.

Schedule Training...
By the end of the week I was tired and feeling sick to my stomach, so my training was not exactly on point. I missed my scheduled workout Friday. And I opted for a rest day when I got back to Toronto Saturday. So my mileage suffered, but I feel rested and ready to tackle the week ahead. I did have a great run Sunday, so I am hoping my less than stellar week won't end up effecting my upcoming race.

My Training this Week...
Monday - 60 minutes on the Indoor Trainer in the Big Gears
Tuesday - 10km speed session on the treadmill
Wednesday - 90 minutes on the Indoor Trainer in the Big Gears
Thursday - 5km run and 30 minutes of Tamara's Ultimate Booty Workout
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - 10km Run at Race Pace

How was your week?

Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,


  1. Isn't it crazy how you can really notice the way foods affect you after cleaning up your diet? I now know that I'll be paying for certain food choices physically (and sometimes choose them anyway) but some of them were foods I used to eat on a regular basis and had no idea that they were making me feel so bad!

  2. Traveling is quite difficult on the schedule and eating. Luckily I do not travel for my job...they tend to want teachers in the classroom!!! :) But when we vacation, eating out is usually a challenge for me and my tummy always pays for it.

  3. Oh travelling. I am headed to Florida this week and I am fully expecting that although I will try my best to stay on track, there will be cheating! I am fortunate to NOT be affected negatively by "bad" foods, but it is just harder to stay away from them that way!!

    My training was affected by an injury last week - it is always better to just rest when you are in doubt.

  4. I agree that food is the hardest part, especially when we are feeling good!!! I tend to find plenty of healthy eats, but also indulge a bit more than I would ever do at home. In fact, just knowing we have guests coming this weekend who will want to eat out a bunch makes me feel like ugghhh. I can only handle so much food that isn't clean and fresh now.

  5. Traveling is hard! I always find that if my routine gets thrown off, I get more lazy with sticking with the workout plans!

  6. Food is so hard for me when I travel. It's just too tempting for me to order something that probably isn't the best for me.

  7. and yet, you still get it done! you were made for this sport! Food can be hard when traveling. its all about prep, right?

  8. Ouch! Sorry to hear about the tummy issues! But you still got it done, as Lindsay said above, and sometimes these things happen. I'm sure it won't throw you off because I know how strong you are! My week of training was fabulous and as I wrote about today, I finally feel like I have my strong self back again! It's a great feeling... and a very much missed one!

  9. I miss some too this week from being sick. So sorry you were not feeling well either.

  10. Wouldn't it be easy to live perfectly healthily if we never varied our routine/schedule with travel, or social events or any of the other little bits of fun chaos that actually make life worth living?

  11. When I travel I find eating out to be both amazing and awful. I love trying new things, not having to cook and having delicious food BUT it's so rich and I end up feeling quite ill too. I hope your tummy starts to feel better once you get back to your normal diet.

  12. I think it is still pretty impressive that you managed to get workouts in! I really have to plan well when I travel to get all of my runs in for my high level training. Sometimes they do not go exactly as planned and I have to remind myself that I am only human! I may be elite, but I still have to live a life....and life throws curveballs!

    Eating healthy while away can be difficult, I intend to open a business to help combat this sometime in the next few years :) Hopefully you can be a client :)

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  14. Food really does effect performance. It is a learning experience though. :)