Tuesday, 11 February 2014

70.3 Ironman Starting Stats

Last Friday, despite my long day Thursday, I got up early and made my way over to Goodlife for a Body Composition Assessment. This is generally outside my comfort zone - since I gave up giving much clout to the scale a few years back. But with 8 long month of training ahead of me, the daunting task of covering 70.3 miles, and the hope (prayer/wish/desire with every fiber of my being) that I am going to remain healthy for the entirety of 2014 - I decided I wanted to see how Ironman and a Healthy year of training would change my body and my performance.

So I have decided to do a monthly check-in and see what happens as I train my booty off this year and tackle the Muskoka 70.3 in September. Sometimes you need to know where you started to see how far you have come - so this year I am keeping track.

*Cringe* Here we go. My Starting Stats for operation #make2014myBITCH are...

Body Stats...
Weight: 116 lbs
Body Fat: 20%

Goals for February:
So I am not really expecting huge changes in terms of body composition this month. Overall I would like to increase my muscle mass and strength, which in the long run would ideally decrease my body fat percentage. But I kind of doubt I will see much change in the early months of my training. Coach has stressed that I need to "Eat All the Carbs" and not drop weight early on. So I will generally continue to ignore the scale.

Conditioning Stats...
Strength: Cardio Endurance
Weakness: Chest and Glutes

Goals for February:
My cardiovascular endurance really improved with my marathon training last year, so I want to continue to maintain the gains I made here. But strength training is going to be a bigger focus this month. My assessment showed that my chest and glutes were both weak. The chest was no surprise - it has taken a serious beating over the last couple of years. But the glutes were not even on my radar, and they are the main power source for my runs. So I want to add 2x Strength Sessions per week to really start improving these muscles and gain more overall strength and power.

Performance Stats...  
Half Marathon: 2:10:16

Goals for February:
There is not much happening in terms of triathlons at this point in the year. But one of my goals is to seriously improve my half marathon time. I have a half marathon scheduled on March 2nd and I am hoping for a PR. My last half marathon was a training run, not a race, so I am hoping I can pull off a faster time. I would love to get my time down to 2 hours (or in an ideal world sub-2). But the weather has been crazy this winter, and I am not sure what race day will hold, so time will tell. The goal is just to keep training hard for the next 3 weeks, grind it out on race day, and see what happens.

Do you track your progress? What sort of stats do you use?

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,