Tuesday, 18 February 2014

1 year and Life Lessons

We made it friends! I am officially 1 year post-op. And for the first time in a long time my body has been given the all clear. 

When I started this little blog a few years back I never really imagined that anyone would read it. And I certainly never imagined that I would then proceed to document 2 of the most painful years of my life. But here we are friends - 3 surgeries, 2 marathons, a devastating  loss, and a whole lots of tears later - here we are. I am a little bruised. My spirit has taken a bit of a beating. I certainly have more scars and bionic parts than we started. But I am still standing.

My soon-to-be sister-in-law gave me Malcolm Gladwell's David and Goliath for my birthday this year. And after the year I had had, and for the place I was in, I must say it was a very apt choice. Because as much as I would never wish the last few years of my life on anyone, there is also very little that I would change. I have learned some of life's greatest lessons from this pain and these struggles. Life has undoubtedly been hard,  but there is part of me that is also incredibly grateful. Sometimes beautiful and important life lessons arise from what looks like suffering and adversity.

Life is incredibly precious

It should be cherished and lived to its fullest. The past few years have taught me that you never know where you are going, where you will end up, and what will suddenly stop you in your tracks. But the life you are given is a gift - so Struggle, Fight, Believe, and Persevere. That fight will take you somewhere beautiful if you let it.

Live you priorities
Life is too short and too precious to be anything, but happy. It easy to get wrapped up in the little things - to use up too much energy on the little every day stresses. It is those truly life changing moments that make you see what is really important. And generally those little things aren't, so chose to let them go. And focus on putting your whole heart into creating the life that you want. Do what makes you happy and focus on the things you truly value.

Love is always the answer
Nothing good has ever been accomplished with negativity or hate. So love others, love yourself, believe in the kindness of strangers, and see the love that surrounds you - wonderful things will happen.

You do not always get to choose the life you get, but you can chose how you handle the life you are dealt
There is not much that has happened over the past few year that I would have chosen. In fact, if I could there are certainly things I would change. But you only get one life, so you need to live the one you want. Life will not always be perfect. There will be hardship and sadness. But you need to believe that you are bigger than those obstacles, get back up, and keep trying. (*and sometimes trying means crying, eating your feelings, but being willing to try again the next day*)

Anything is Possible
If I have learned nothing else, this definitely rings true. You are stronger, braver, and better than you know. Never doubt that. So no matter where you are today, know that you are worth the fight, it will get better, and you are going to go somewhere beautiful. Just believe in yourself, persevere, and keep dreaming. You will get there. Anything is possible.

Love Your (grateful) Favourite Darwinian Fail,